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  1. BillFarthing

    Ballin' On a Budget- THE RECIPE

    I love fertilizer. I work with big grows down to friends that have a single 400w light. I recommend the same thing to each and every one of them. It is used start to finish, so there's no following confusing feed schedules. A buddy of mine started calling this "The Recipe" because it is cheap...
  2. BillFarthing

    Let's Talk About the Calcium/Potassium See-Saw

    Calcium and potassium interact with each other and require a balancing act to work well in a plant. You can't overload a plant with one element without locking out the other. Calcium is the engine for metabolism in the plant. It is required mostly in transition to flower. The most common...
  3. BillFarthing

    DIY 1-part Soluble/Liquid Hydroponic Fertilizer

    I always try to do things as simply (and cheap!) as possible. Here is a 4-3-5 one-part fertilizer recipe suitable for hydroponics, soil or soilless. It is a clone of Fox Farm Grow Big Hydro, Skunkwerks RX or Cogos Original complete. You can get the ingredients at Custom Hydro Nutrients. Here is...
  4. BillFarthing

    One Bottle Hydro Store Start-To-Finish Nutrients

    So the hydroponics store is a rip off, right? If you are on a budget and have to use one bottled liquid for your grow start-to-finish, what would it be? Hydroponic: Flora Nova CNS17 Fox Farm Hydro Grow SkunkwerksRx Cogos Original TPS-One Humboldt Oneness Soil: Pure Blend Pro Grow Medi-One...
  5. BillFarthing

    Utilitarian (and cheap!) Soluble Powder Fertilizer Schedule

    My day job has always revolved around fertilizer in one way or another. I particularly like the Hammerhead/MOAB combo here at THCF. A customer asked me for the most inexpensive utilitarian fertilizer lineup for cannabis. There's only 4 soluble powder ingredients here: Oasis 16-4-17 as a base...
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