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  1. weed_weasel

    I am interested in Changing Nutrients

    I use the Green Planet line: Dual Fuel, Vitathrive, Massive Bloom and PK Spike.
  2. weed_weasel

    Fan leaves fading need assistance.

    Personally I wouldn't worry about it. In my 2 years of growing I've found that many of the larger fan leaves always start to yellow once I get midway or so into the flower stage. Starts at the bottom and works its way up. To me they look fine.
  3. weed_weasel

    Where do you guys put your led grow room heater?

    I use a small Honeywell ceramic heater, low is 150 watts and high is 300 watts. I put it on the floor in the center of the tent. It comes on when the lights go off. It's enough so it doesn't go below 20 C at night.
  4. weed_weasel

    Flushing plants has no value?

    I grow in Pro-Mix and I never flush, just give them water for the last 2 weeks. Never found it to be too harsh. That's just me though, each to his own.
  5. weed_weasel

    Air movement question, I need some input please!

    Are you concerned about the smell? If not I wouldn't bother with a carbon filter.
  6. weed_weasel

    Should I cut off my fan leaves during flowering stage?

    I usually remove any fan leaves that are brown, yellow or otherwise f****d up, I leave all the healthy green ones alone. I do this throughout the flowering stage.
  7. weed_weasel

    First Attempt at Cloning - Not Going Well

    They've been growing for a while now.
  8. weed_weasel

    First Attempt at Cloning - Not Going Well

    I checked my light height again and it's only a foot so I'm going to raise them up and see. I think I'm ok on the watering and air. Thanks.
  9. weed_weasel

    First Attempt at Cloning - Not Going Well

    Hi. I feed every 3 to 4 days, a gallon per plant, there is no runoff but the mix is saturated I think. I've never watered to runoff in the few years I've been growing, never felt it was necessary for me.
  10. weed_weasel

    First Attempt at Cloning - Not Going Well

    Thanks, I usually go for 6.5 give or take a bit.
  11. weed_weasel

    First Attempt at Cloning - Not Going Well

    I have grown the Widow Bomb strain 3 times now from seed, on my last grow I decided to take a couple of cuttings and see how I would fare at growing a couple of clones. It's been about 10 weeks now since I took the cuttings. They were growing really well until a week or so ago, the newer leaves...
  12. weed_weasel

    Giveaway Free Test - Spider Farmer SE3000 LED and SF Grow Tent

    Sure, I'd like that. #spiderfarmerSE3000
  13. weed_weasel

    Just Starting New Guy Here

    I have been using the 5 gallon fabric pots and ProMix HP. I start the seeds in Jiffy peat pods, those little pucks you soak in water. Once germinated I transfer to a Solo cup. Once it has 4 or 5 sets of trues leaves it goes into the 5 gallon pot. I usually veg for 6 weeks and I wouldn't use...
  14. weed_weasel

    Is it really important to flush before harvest?

    I know this goes against common practice but I never flush, I feed right up until the last week. I have not found my harvest to be overly harsh. Lost my sense of smell & taste years ago so I can't say how it affects it in that regard.
  15. weed_weasel

    Drainage question from a newb...plz help

    I use these pot elevators, they work great. Get someone to slide them in when you lift the pots, won't have to lift much.
  16. weed_weasel

    Giveaway - Spider Farmer SF1000 LED Grow Light

    🤩Prize:Spider Farmer SF1000 LED Grow Light Enter rule: 👇 Reply this thread and write down your country 🌱Date: Jan. 8-Jan. 18 The winner will be chosen randomly. Hope you can be the lucky one.😉 P.S. We also offer everyone a discount code "SFTHC" , you can click our website...
  17. weed_weasel

    Another Rookie Looking For Help😂

    Those plants are to small to be transplanting now. Wait until you have 4 or 5 sets of leaves. I often use a fertilized potting mix in the Solo cup, usually Pro-Mix Organic. I transplant into 5 gallon pots of Pro-Mix HP which has no nutrients. Fill the pot that is to receive the transplant around...
  18. weed_weasel

    First time grower need help

    My thought is that it is a Cal-Mag issue. I had a plant where the leaves were turning like that. I upped the Cal-Mag in my nutrient solution and it stopped. Didn't help leaves already affected but no more appeared. I'm not an expert and could very well be wrong but that's what it seems to me.
  19. weed_weasel

    Emergency To Hot For Drying/Curing

    Do you have a basement? I have a pantry room in my basement, it's cool, dark and about 50% humidity. I put a hook in the ceiling to hang my mesh drying rack. Takes about 10 days. I wet trim mine.
  20. weed_weasel

    Help Needed She is Really Sick

    I had a couple of plants in early veg that started to get leaves like that. This was my first attempt at growing in super soil, normally I used ProMix HP. I think my issue was PH because I was adjusting to 5.8 - 6.0 when I should've had it higher, around 6.5.
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