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    My germination method....

    I put 5 WiFi, 10 Super Silver Grape Ape (local breeder) and 4 Pitbull (skunk #1 x sugar plum) beans in cups and they all sprouted by day 5. I had a few after 2 days, but by day 3 most were popped. I use soil in my grows anyway, so I'm done with the paper towel. Thanks for the heads up...
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    whats your favorite og raskel strain?

    I think alot of us love and respect the old strains, but let's get real...
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    Summer 011

    My Purple Dawgs are FREAKING raging !!! Head to head with the Blue Dreams in the greenhouse. Purple Dawg is GrapeTrain Kush x Stardawg. Oaksterdam Seed Co. I think you would like it...
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    What is everyone gonna put outside this year?

    Here they are...
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    who's started their outdoor ting?

    Howz this ?
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    My 1st Proper Grow

    Wow man, that looks great !!! Awesome Job !!!
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    Growing on the borderline...

    Wow, you're doing it right bro...That Tahoe looks sweet !!! It is one of my favorite strains by far !!!
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    who's started their outdoor ting?

    I do have T-12's with Daylight Bulbs(cord behind me) right on top to keep the hours at 16-8 so they don't flower in the greenhouse, before they go outside. The Purple Dawgs have been out there about a month, they were cut 2/7. The Blue Dreams and the others have been in there 2 weeks, they were...
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    who's started their outdoor ting?

    this was this morning, hope it loads...
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    who's started their outdoor ting?

    Started a while back. Have 44, 2-3 footers in the greenhouse now. Purple Dawg, Blue Dream, Super Grape Ape, NYC Diesel and a Lemon Haze. Got a late start last year. Not this year...Trying to upload pics...
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    Anybody from Gold Country?

    Grew up above Georgetown. Step Dad grew TREE'S !!! Skunky ass Bud in the 70's-80's. Nice place to lay low and do your thing. Gonna retire there...
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    They're calling it The WalMart of Weed

    When in Sac, I go to Green Thumb. Used to go to IGrow, until they folded. They take care of me everytime. FF OF for $10 a bag when you get 10. Screw this Wally Crap.
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    gram per watt rule/ question about yield

    On my second indoor here. First one was about 4 grams a plant. This round is going MUCH better. Your plants look great !!
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    Fox Farm Nutes

    Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil Earthjuice Grow, Bloom and Catalyst Fox Farms Open Sesame, Beastie Bloom and Cha-ching No problems...I'm new, but it works for me...
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    plastic garbage can

    Pulled a pound out of a 25 gallon smart pot last year with a Blue Dream. going in the ground this year, but at least you can turn it every week and get max sun on all the Buds.
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    What is everyone gonna put outside this year?

    Vegging some Purple Dawg & Blue Dream from Oaksterdam. Those Dawgs are freaking screaming. Ocean Forest and warm water. Growing about an inch a day under T-5's. Good Luck To All Ya Farmers Out There !!!:harvest:
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    Tahoe OG & Pre-98 Bubba Kush from Cali Connection

    Those were badass !!! The Tahoe Og is some of the best I have ever had. Straight Fire !!! Your grow really kicks ass, I'm valid in NorCal, Shoot some clones this way...
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    My friends.. Please vote NO on Prop 19!

    Don't forget to add a couple thousand for your grow space tax....Rancho cordova, Ca wants to charge $600.00 a sq. ft. for indoor. $15,000.00 for that indoor 5x5. Nobody will be able to afford to grow. Wake up people, EVERY city will impose such a tax if they have the choice. If it costs $175.00...
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    New THC Farmer from PNW

    hello my friend../
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    Cali Med Patient

    Hello Everyone !!! Been coming to this site for a while and decided to quit messing around and join. This is the first year I have grown my own Meds. So far, so good. I have learned alot, but have a TON to go. This site kicks ass and I look forward to all kick ass knowlage I will gain here...
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