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  1. lambrettats1

    new caregiver WA: DWC TIPS PLEASE!!

    I agree. When starting from seed only use r.o water until the second set of true leaves appear. Then keep the nutes low until the seedlings are well established. I usually veg for around 7-8weeks if starting for seed and in that time i probably have them at full nute strength for about the last...
  2. lambrettats1

    Question about Lighting

    hi chilkat, the blue in your bulb suggests to me that this bulbs more for veg than flowering where red would be more suitable.imho this could have a diminishing effect on your trich production. TS1
  3. lambrettats1

    afghan widow grow

    grow stopped had to abandon this grow. TS1
  4. lambrettats1

    cann coco help????

    if its all you have then use it. those are your base nutes you have there and are all you may need.
  5. lambrettats1

    my first grow

    hows your girls getting on now the gardner gardener sorry very nice illustration , could'nt have done better myself --- hope you dont mind me chiming in but , farmer jon had a point . on a subpanel you isolate the nuetral and bond the ground , to the can itself with the little green screw...
  6. lambrettats1

    my first grow

    jagles right for a cheap answer paint the inside of your new box in matt white. you should try and sort your air flow out pretty soon bud as high temps are deadly. TS1
  7. lambrettats1

    need some help

    your right getting the right stuff is ideal. my mate uses it but i have never myself so cant recommend from personal experience, he never has issues with it. TS1
  8. lambrettats1

    need some help

    lemon juice maybe??????? def acidic and natural.
  9. lambrettats1

    my first grow

    hey there thegardener welcome to the world of growing. this is the place to get your answers cos my guess is you will have a billion questions throughout this grow. a little word of advice though is to get rid of that tin foil cardboard box set up as foil wont reflect the light any where near as...
  10. lambrettats1

    afghan widow grow

    i popped some moto militia afghan widows(6) got 2 fems so topped up with my usual tried and tested jacky whites. i am growing them in coco using canna nutes(1st time) usually im a hydro grower. alls going swimmingly so i thought i would share my grow with all you lovely people. any hints tips or...
  11. lambrettats1

    Maximizing yield!

    i agree budseyeveiw. he was only trying to help. peace out TS1
  12. lambrettats1

    If you use H&G Roots Excel

    whats it called
  13. lambrettats1

    coco nutes

    i use the canna nutes aswell pankflamingosmon. what is your feeding schedule. i am new to coco so im not that clued up about this. just now i am feeding my girls with nutes every 2nd day and just giving them ph adjd water in between. TS1
  14. lambrettats1

    For you folks obsessed with humidity, some valuable information MUST READ!

    thanks for posting this all grow info is good onfo imho TS1
  15. lambrettats1

    couple questions from a newbie

    hi jale176 i would give your girls another couple o days in your cloner just until the roots are established a little more then plant in whatever it is your using. when your asking about a 600w or 1000w mh do you mean a bulb? are they that expensive where you stay? or do you mean a complete...
  16. lambrettats1

    T5 vs HID

    i use MH for veg and HPS for flowering. have tried t5s and compact flouros for my vegging but nothing i have tried beats the MH for making my girls compact little bushes which since this is in the micro grow section is prob the goal your after. just make sure you have adequate ventilation...
  17. lambrettats1

    !!!! Someone please help, problems with planting seed!!!!

    if your putting them straight out from darkness to your 400watt light i would suggest keeping the light as far away from your seedlings as you can get at least until they are a wee bit bigger than an inch. you may be giving them too much light too soon.just my opinion but i practise this and...
  18. lambrettats1

    Losing My Plants

    the purple colour suggests coldness to me. TS1
  19. lambrettats1

    jacky white and ak47 xmas crop 2010

    stoned immaculate i have to say i loved the taste of this spicy yet fruity very yummy. its def up there in my grow again list. and it def fek,d my shit up.
  20. lambrettats1

    The untold story of the Dutch cannabis seed industry

    WOW this is NOT a good post to read this stoned!!!!!!!!!!!!TS1
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