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  1. detroitjoe

    New grower, please give me your suggestions!

    well, its like this: what is the main reason for production and what are the goals?
  2. detroitjoe

    HELP! White power spot on leaves

    your plants are infected with powdery white mildew. what are the options: A. cut it all down now, use for edibles or concentrate B. Continue growing mold and continue to fight mold..all the while your crops and you suffer C. Clear your calender , now your a mold fighter. Use the rest of the...
  3. detroitjoe

    Need help! Too MUCH light? Or too much defoliation. leaves or sugar leaves??
  4. detroitjoe

    First timer here!! Got pics advice please

    the most important question you have to ask yourself is : "why am i growing/producing" once you answer that question for yourself, the sky is the limit. Anyone can pop a seed and grow it to maturity....its simple that a monkey can be trained to do it. but does the money know why it is doing it..
  5. detroitjoe

    Straight up dried cow poop.

    when using real shit, your gonna have a circus of all kinds of insects. Outside is cool but inside......
  6. detroitjoe

    First timer here!! Got pics advice please

    your harvest kinda sucks but then again, to each their own. why are you creating so much work for yourself ?
  7. detroitjoe

    First REAL large indoor grow.

    hmmmm. i dont even know what to say on this one.
  8. detroitjoe


    analog timer or a digital timer?
  9. detroitjoe

    L.E.D. Argument Thread For Dummies:)

    LEDS are trash.
  10. detroitjoe

    1st time growing what’s happening

    dont over water and let her grow out a bit for a better diagnosis
  11. detroitjoe

    Droppy, leathery leaves. Insight on possibly soultions.

    thats it? i You did say only 2 of the same breed are unhealthy...correct? From the pics, they are stressed the phuck out and are having a hard time recovering. if they go the distance, it will finish looking like a mini tree thats 400 yrs old.
  12. detroitjoe

    I go real real hard

    hey! dont blame the site! :-) Soooooo pretty....and petite. not much of her after the dry n cure
  13. detroitjoe

    3.5 week old clone new grown leave problem

    your not giving us any usable info. Whats the cooking temperature? temp with the light on...temp with the light off? You water every 4 days....and your using garden soil. * Thats heavy Soil. and watering every 4 days will keep it heavy and compacted. - garden soil also dries /evaporates at...
  14. detroitjoe

    Blue Dream 8 weeks close to harvest

    looks like it needs another month...with some issues going on
  15. detroitjoe

    Is this bad??

    What is it that your actually growing and are you growing it in a sponge? ohhh your growing k2 spice
  16. detroitjoe

    Is this bad??

    Flush them with sun warm water. next, remove all burned leaves. let them dry out for 2 or3 days Hit them with water hose repeat after 2 waterings. inspect. - if she’s still burning up, way too hot. Replant only clean medium. if shes not burning up, keep watering ( not flush) and then...
  17. detroitjoe

    New Girl Here! Looking for Friends / Advice

    Welcome to the farm!!!!!!
  18. detroitjoe

    New Grower - Mistakes have been made!

    Welcome to da farm!! And stop buying garbage from amazon
  19. detroitjoe

    Pics of grow

    Looks exotic. Very skinny leaves What is it?
  20. detroitjoe

    High everybody im Jason in Michigan USA first time greenhouse grow or first time any grow

    Great start, welcome to the pharm. You will find a wealth of knowledge here.
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