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  1. william76

    Last 6 crops have hermed, but why?

    Is it Possible it could be sabotage?,76
  2. william76

    Bug ID.. Pretty sure this is a Thrip.. see HD VIDEO

    Yea,an earwig has pincers on its butt,sore if it nips u,like being burned,76
  3. william76

    Why do my sativas always end up like this?

    Sats normaly need less nitrogen,when feeding a mix of sats and indicas I feed the indicas then I dilute the feed slightly with some water for fussy sats,works a treat.76
  4. william76

    Canadians, listen to me: do not trust Postes Canada

    To be fair they should have been in something to protect them,or maybe they done it deliberately?,I heard of officials /workers pissed coz they can't confiscate legal seeds putting them in the micro for a few seconds to zap them(killing them),I don't know how true it is but "there's nowt as...
  5. william76

    Uk Skunk Legends breeding project

    What's the UK purple skunk?,I know alot of folks diss big budda but his cheesus is a killer purple skunk x cheese,1 of the stinkiest plants ever(and that sez alot compared to what iv ran.good luck on ur project.76
  6. william76

    African Black Magic/ Ituri Norie

    They should be heat and drought tolerant to a degree.76
  7. william76

    I screwed up with Canna Flush

    Ur best way to flush is use plain water,1 day a week,stops nute build up,I only use the canna flush for the first 4/5 days of the last 14 days then plain water till chop.76
  8. william76

    Uk Skunk Legends breeding project

    No,I'm not interested in her now,member I had her and gave u her(the meanies)she was a nice smoke,dont know if I'd run her again,I gave her to a friend with the livers,think he may still have them.76
  9. william76

    African Black Magic/ Ituri Norie

    Alot of African strains the leaves look in-between sat and indica till flowered,then they thin out a little in flower,76
  10. william76

    Uk Skunk Legends breeding project

    U got the blue meanie?,ur the only other person (except from myself)that iv seen holding the cheese,psycho and livers at the same time,theres pics of mine in the UK clone only,I had the meanie too.once u smoke them for a while u get fed up with them.especially the cheese.76
  11. william76

    White widow has snapped suddenly

    If its snapped completely put the top in some rooting gel,it will grow roots and be ok,iv done this before,good luck,76
  12. william76

    Neglected plant genetics, to breed or not to breed.

    The pollen is fine but plant abuse isn't!,I'm setting up a helpline!,76
  13. william76

    First grow since the 90's

    Looking good!,from clone or seed?,good luck,76
  14. william76

    First crop needing second opinion

    U should be OK if they're still in veg,76
  15. william76

    What's the hurdle at the 3-5 week flowering time?

    If there's no problems visible then ur good,u don't want to create the problem by looking for something that's not there,if everything's chugging along nicely then I wouldn't worry about it,overthinking it can be bad for ur grow,good luck,76
  16. william76

    What's the hurdle at the 3-5 week flowering time?

    Yea,there's alot of that about lately,76
  17. william76


    Ull still need an inline fan for the smell,76
  18. william76

    African Black Magic/ Ituri Norie

    I'm sure once it's near the end of flowering we should be able to see if it's the real deal,should turn black,(doesn't mean its definitely it but its 1 of the things I'd look for).76
  19. william76

    re-using store bought jars to cure

    Yea wash it out with washing up liquid,then rinse out with cold water then leave to dry,should be good to go,done it with lots of jars.enjoy the smoke,76
  20. william76

    For Sale Free cuts UK North East

    No clone onlys?,might start selling clones too,iv got plenty rare gear,rare seeds too.76
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