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  1. Backyard_Boogie

    Colombian Saucyballs vs Saucy Colombian

    Dam sucks your in pain but seems like you made it through the surgery ok. I wish you quickest recovery possible looking forward to hearing your final smoke report on this. Your getting pretty close to harvest on this girl.
  2. Backyard_Boogie

    What Now (Blistering, deformed new foliage). Please help.

    This plant looks fine man don't overthink it.
  3. Backyard_Boogie

    So I've got these seedlings

    Your plants look good. Obviously you have a good sized grow with multiple plants so in my opinion it doesn't really hurt to try to pop some bag-seed in the mix to see what happens. The guys on here are correct in that bag-seed is not "ideal" and if you have access to better stabilized genetics...
  4. Backyard_Boogie

    Bruce Banner in a microscope
  5. Backyard_Boogie

    So I've got these seedlings

    Usually if the seeds are coming from feminized pollen (aka Hermie'd nanners) then you will NOT get any males. However it is possible to get crappy mutated genetics it all just depends on a ton of different genetic factors that are likely unknown in your case. What I can tell you from experience...
  6. Backyard_Boogie

    Bruce Banner in a microscope

    What you want is called a jewelers loop. They usually come in around a 100x and a 60x. They often have a tiny LED light built in. Thats what I use. You can put your phone camera lens up to the loop to snap pics.
  7. Backyard_Boogie

    About To Brain My Son

    It will be a total waste and pretty much as soon as the cut gets rooted it will already begin flowering. The entire plant will only be 6 inches tall and it will be stunted and pathetic. Best of luck LOL 🤣
  8. Backyard_Boogie

    my biggest problem so far

    Thats what I do.
  9. Backyard_Boogie

    Bruce Banner in a microscope

    Looks good. Killer Trichomes man! 👍 🤣
  10. Backyard_Boogie

    Japanese beetles, what do you guys do?

    I know this is likely impractical for you and way more work than you want to put in but this is how I combatted pests at my old house. My shit was getting ravaged by flying pests particularly moths and caterpillars. Pyrethrin and other aids were barely putting a dent in it due to the nightly...
  11. Backyard_Boogie

    Can I grow 2 autos in a 5 gal?

    Yes you can do this. Of course its best when your seeds are feminized that way you know it will be females all around however I have done multiples of reg auto seeds in a pot but if thats the case you gotta watch and as soon as a male shows up you gotta chop right away.
  12. Backyard_Boogie

    Colombian Saucyballs vs Saucy Colombian

    Is it skunky AF?
  13. Backyard_Boogie

    Best Strains You’ve Grown And Most Trusted Breeders?

    Animal abuser? WTF? I know nothing about this nor anything about him personally. I just know based upon online research and looking at a bunch of pics that his stuff is supposed to be fire. We will see I am running his Pluto and his Chem right now I will take the Pepsi challenge for myself.
  14. Backyard_Boogie

    Colombian Saucyballs vs Saucy Colombian

    Still looks pretty good even with a K deficiency keep the pics coming! Good luck with your surgery btw hope everything goes OK. I wish you a speedy recovery my friend.
  15. Backyard_Boogie

    My kush and tangerine dream grow 4/22

    Yeah don't beat yourself up, yes its true you had some issue and they don't look the prettiest but that is primarily due to the haggard water leaves. That doesn't really matter your not smoking the leaves you should look right past that cuz the flower itself didn't come out that bad. It's...
  16. Backyard_Boogie

    $3,000 for 10 seeds…Insanity! Thug Pug Genetics

    Yeah this shit is quite ridiculous. I thought for sure that must have been a typo until I saw that other post with the various thug pug prices WTF? That is insane no one should pay that much. I have popped hundreds of packs of seeds and no joke my hottest strain to date is still homemade seed...
  17. Backyard_Boogie

    First Time Grower, Any advice for these girls?

    Not too bad considering the hot conditions. I would get a water soluble fertilizer one that is ideal for vegging. Anything that says it works for tomatoes should do the trick. Mix a dose of that in your water every once in a while and give them a good drink. I would add this extra fertilizers...
  18. Backyard_Boogie

    My kush and tangerine dream grow 4/22

    Even with your mistakes you will still get some descent smoke I see frost on everything maybe not the greatest but definitely not a loss you will do OK. Also if you got some plants that didn't turn out the greatest you can always turn those into hash. Just buy a cheap set of bubble bags and...
  19. Backyard_Boogie

    My kush and tangerine dream grow 4/22

    No worries on making mistakes I will send free seeds to amateurs, intimidates, pros. Really anyone who needs them i will send I just want to spread the love around. I have thousands of seeds from creating batches and they go bad anyways might as well give a bunch away or else I will end up...
  20. Backyard_Boogie

    My kush and tangerine dream grow 4/22

    Man this really is a stumper for me I am at a loss as to why this is happening. I want to give you more advice but I cant because everything I would normally tell you to do to combat heat stress you already have done. You already raised the light up plus dramatically lowered your LED light...
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