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  1. Fresh14

    Coco Seedling And Problems

    Looks like cal-mag problems
  2. Fresh14

    Using free app to measure LUX - Help!

    I have 2 ts600"s they only pull 100 watts from the wall.
  3. Fresh14

    Help with light and nutrients

    Have you looked at leaf septoria?
  4. Fresh14

    Getting rid of fungus gnats during flower

  5. Fresh14

    Getting rid of fungus gnats during flower

    worked miracles for me.
  6. Fresh14

    Azera soil application killing more than just fungus gnats?

    This is the only thing I found that works.
  7. Fresh14

    What is it? Deficiency? Gnats? Overfeeding?

    check this link out, this stuff is totally natural and I tried everything, this stuff goes in the soil and the gnats larvae eat it and it kills.
  8. Fresh14

    Auto Flower 'flowering' Problems..

    don't forget that warm air carries more moisture than cold, so if your temps go up so will your humidity.
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