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  1. tco_0420

    Fan leaf stems turning purple!? Help

    Sorry man I haven’t been on here in a while, I have found that pigeons420 and rob from cltv they have discord’s and they are poppin for real and you will learn a ton and it’s a lot faster on there than here
  2. tco_0420

    Wanted Can someone tell me of a good seed bank...

    Does anyone know of any that take PayPal? Not interested in autos anymore just looking for pheno beans
  3. tco_0420

    How do these little guys look

    Those are really good as well, but on their individual pages they have tons of information, I still come here for information as well bc I don’t want just one persons advice, I want to expand and be the best at what I do so I take in all different angles of everyone’s grows
  4. tco_0420

    Been a while, here’s a little update!

    They look healthy to me, only thing I would recommend is some LST. You want to maintain an even canopy
  5. tco_0420

    Advice finishing my first grow

    Exactly what I was going to say right here!
  6. tco_0420

    62 days post 12/12 flip, leaves turning yellow-look curious

    They are fine, don’t worry about it, they start to turn yellowish color and die off towards the end of flower
  7. tco_0420

    How do these little guys look

    Check out Pigeons420, Rob from CLtv and Chris aka Mr. Grow It all of them are on YouTube and I follow them heavily
  8. tco_0420

    First time grower looking for some advice

    Yea don’t take too much off man, I did this go round and you can go look and see how short my plants are and pushing 100 days old and in the 5th week of flower
  9. tco_0420

    How do these little guys look

    Count me in on this one, love seeing new people like myself and following their grow. Doing good man, just remember the first time. Keep it simple! Trust that
  10. tco_0420

    What’s wrong with this?

    Humidity is low and I forgot to water for 5 days due to being extremely busy, is that all that is wrong or is there anything else I need to look into
  11. tco_0420

    Day 31 of Flower ...Lower Leaves Drooping ok?

    Did you ever figure out why? My plants are doing the same thing and they are 34 days I think five or take a few without checking my book
  12. tco_0420

    For Sale Offering my precious vault seed+sin city box

    Interested in nightmare runts
  13. tco_0420

    Problem last year, don’t want to make the same thing happen

    My shed has vents I put in them and we would go out there and smoke too so light was always going in there it wasn’t dark except at night
  14. tco_0420

    what are you smoking on?

    Gummies work to man
  15. tco_0420

    what are you smoking on?

    Miracle Alien Cookies
  16. tco_0420

    Fan leaf stems turning purple!? Help

    It’s been really warm in the tent so I wasn’t sure but the top half of the stem is purple on that whole plant, it just struck me as really odd bc I had the one last year go purple and it had some in the bud and everything but the whole stem was purple on the fan leaves as well, idk just...
  17. tco_0420

    Problem last year, don’t want to make the same thing happen

    I let them cure for about 3 months and they were still awful lol, idk if the humidity being that high most the time screwed it up or what but oh well, I didn’t have the tent last year so hopefully with a heater ac dehumidifier and humidifier and some fans and exhaust fan I can control some stuff...
  18. tco_0420

    Spider Farmer SF-1000 grow tent, 1st time tent grower. Would like help with what I’m doing right or wrong, wanting to learn more

    Yea man I’ve been doing that since and they are starting to do way better and are 3 weeks into flower
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