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  1. Rikismom420

    AK 47 Auto flower harvest time.? Check my pic please 😊😊. Noob to autos

    My first cut of a cola from one plant...smells really great...yellow leaves almost to top Thx ahead of time 68 days from seed, 42 from first flower info would help since
  2. Rikismom420

    Fox farm happy frog

    I would be happy too.....
  3. Rikismom420

    2nd was a bust... Third Time Is A Charm!!! 3rd Hydro Grow

    Removes top growth, but does not cut through stem Creates 2-4 main colas at top of plant, and and LST can be used to create more New colas created are not evenly spaced Does not reduce height of plant Does not stress plant as much as topping, so plants recover more quickly or don’t even notice☺️
  4. Rikismom420

    Grow diary featuring my irrational obsession with Hawaiian strains

    I got a little dropper 1 ml measure with my ph set. And it takes a little little bit for a has increments that are 1/4 1/2 3/4 1ml. I just use it for everything and wash when finished..but all my Nutes are liquid...😊
  5. Rikismom420

    2nd was a bust... Third Time Is A Charm!!! 3rd Hydro Grow

    I fimmed my autos...seemed to work better then total topping...I grow In Soil though ..just FYI from me 😇
  6. Rikismom420

    How is my RQS auto flower looking?

    Hi, I am growing autos also, first time but have yours been In Flower for 8 weeks or 8 weeks old from planting.? And also what strain. Mine are ak 47..looking good though.have to get someone with more knowledge to answer the how long to go. Have you taken any samples to see if it is where u...
  7. Rikismom420

    HELP with leaves on ak47 autos Kinda noob.

    I hear you and agree somewhat,the rollers a good idea. Thx for all the time and info I do really appreciate all that and this is dang rocket science ...not as easy as a weed to grow.. Thx again 😉😉😉
  8. Rikismom420

    HELP with leaves on ak47 autos Kinda noob.

    Have 1 auto in FFOF an perlite transplanted it to 3 gal fabric and it is the one on the right...all green one,still a bit droopy but good leaves..this one didn’t flower u til a week ago. Not sure when will start flowering again since transplant but roots needed it.Other two have all the...
  9. Rikismom420

    Can someone help me out?

    It will come...I kinda noob. For me it’s ...I got the lights, tent, soil right, just watering ....over.....under is hard.i us a meter that is in the soil to roots and go by ph, moist to dry and wet...seems to work..and I have auto flowers. That I repotted one to bigger and still...
  10. Rikismom420

    I am completely new and need any help I can get

    Not as easy to a semi noob...but cbd oil has helped many people also.may try that while your grow is coming along..seems like u answered your questions. U can look at FAQ in this site and get lots of info too.......I use distilled water on my grow and ph test everything ...good...
  11. Rikismom420

    Splitting stems

    Had to hurt like the dickens. Still....😊
  12. Rikismom420

    Splitting stems

  13. Rikismom420

    Splitting stems

    Broken collar bone owww ouch old folks just have lots it’s owees my grandson says....I learned that my weed messes with my blood thinner so I have nose bleeds....and I just nibble here and that sux.....let’s just be kind to our plants and maybe they Weill be kind...
  14. Rikismom420

    Fisrt time grower

    Hiya. Lots of good info here ...enjoy and 😎
  15. Rikismom420

    Jar curing questions

    Pretty pretty pretty ☺️
  16. Rikismom420

    PipeCarver's Nova Scotian grow den

    Well if u can get past the taste, I just mix cannabutter and peanut butter and follow with something that taste good and I am nicely toasted all day ✨😊I used a bong for years, was my preference but can’t breath so edibles for me it other half doesn't 😊
  17. Rikismom420

    What Bud hardeners to use?

    No doubt there, tired of this hot Oklahoma weather... killing my electric bill. 😬
  18. Rikismom420

    Help why are the buds like this

    That is the craziest thing..but I guess the terpines are not water soluble..hmmm..that’s wild..hey thx a bunch..hope other enjoy this video... he is such a happy guy 😎😎😉
  19. Rikismom420

    Help why are the buds like this

    Is there a new bud wash out..........☺️
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