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    Diagnosis? Excess Or Deficiency?

    Excess....Lay back on the bloom nutes just give the ladies plain PH'd water the next few watering s...
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    Leaf Curl

    I think like mother nature plants like a temp swing from day to night just seem to be happier with a 5-10*F swing.. Glad you got it sorted...
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    Zerotol Application Flowering Plants

    At the very least get some air moving big time, I mean some serious air movement.Drop humidity if you can... And yes milk has been said to fix PM issues but I think H2O2 would be a better choice spraying milk can get a bit messy \ stinky..
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    If your plants got herme fucked then the hairs will recede into the seed bract they will stop growing and go into seed mode.. Like someone wrote above mist the nanner plant with water it will keep the pollen from spreading/pollinating the other girls..
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    Plant In Flower Having Issues

    Check here:
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    Monkey paw anyone?

    Nice I hope it,s the real deal... Been thirty years since I have seen that here...
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    Pretty Scary News About Monsanto

    Dear friends, Top scientists warn the most commonly used herbicide in the world probably causes cancer! Monsanto is demanding the World Health Organisation retract their ground-breaking report. And experts say the only way to ensure the science is not silenced is if the public demands action...
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    Prayers For Howard Marks (aka Mr. Nice)

    Man this is some sad news... I love his work! My prayers are with you!
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    Need Advice And Help

    Those brown spots are light burn and or nutes left of the leaf magnify light burning the plant tissue..
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    Need A Check Up Doc!

    You just need a pair of scissors snip snip...
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    African-american Man Stopped By Michigan Cop For Walking With His Hands In His Pockets

    Who has the most to gain from the recent reports of racism? If you answer that question with total honesty you will see why the media continues to spew that bullshit they are the ones making money off that shit...Truly sad! The number one killer of a young black male is another black male in...
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    Help With Yellowing Leaves

    Cal mag bro should get you back on track...
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    Black Widow Grow

    Old school strain lovin that! She does like the PH a bit higher than most girls.. I run my nutes @ 6.2 for her, She seems to do better for me at that reading... Happy growing..
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    Yo yo wudup HK

    Yo yo wudup HK
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    Congratulations Karma

    Your bangin it Karma, Way to show em bro.
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    Outdoor Michigan 2010

    Looking good for the summer grow this year lots of rain and sun for the babies.
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    RIP Jack Herer (1939-2010)

    See you on the other side brother...
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    transplanting from inside to outside.. need help

    Be sure to harden them off by giving them indirect sun light or they will get a sun burn and set them back a few weeks. i would say its a bit early in the season to put them outside I would wait another month.
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    Where musically inclined farmers???

    Sweet looking rig lebdog. I play guitar have for over thirty years been doing the studio thing that last couple of years hope to get a hit sometime soon I do get some good reviews from peep's who have heard my music. Keep on rocking!
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    New (old skool) Breeder in SoCal - Hey, Everybody!!!

    Welcome Bear! I know all to well that an injury can set you back playing guitar I crushed my index finger between two car bumpers when I was 26 and had to where a splint for a bought three months set me back I feel over a years worth of practice. But it did come back not as good as before...
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