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    Thanks fellas.. Post some pics if ya gots, ya know I don't care.. :) Yeah, this one is a fukin' beast fellas.. It reminds me a lot of Danny's wifi#3 photos now at 42 days.. At 30 days in this lady was size of my arm.. I'm very impressed.. Everyone who sees it is just amazed and shocked at the...
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    What's up fellas.. I found a super skunky, super frosted pheno out of a pack. It's a huge yielding beast of a plant. Real nice og stank, stacks real nice, huge crusty nugs of funk.... Lovin' this plant.. Raskal did a bang up job on these.. This Sunday will be 42 days.. I'll get some updated...
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    Organic original diesel

    :rock Looks bomb bro.. I'd hit that all day!
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    Rival79's OGR grow!

    Nice log bro.. Keep up the good work. :rock
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    Fox farm big bloom & molasses

    If it was me, op. I would get & use Age Old Organics kelp, grow, and bloom, plus Superthrive B vitamins & get you some Magi-Cal or some other mag cal supplement, whether organic or not. I like to use FF Ocean Forest soil as well.. Feed plants in veg 1/2 teaspoon of kelp and grow every other...
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    Fox farm big bloom & molasses

    Yup, I could not agree more. I would not re-use soil at all. If so, it would really need to sit out and breakdown a bit before re-use. We do it her on the farm for citrus, palms, and other plants, but we allow the recycled to sit out, we water it a bit then allow it to dry out and breakdown a...
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    3000 Watts over Master Kush

    :rock Nice grow!
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    some flame.

    TG.. Nice log my brotha. Hope you well, long time no talk to for sure.. Man, you still running that urkle? I neeeds to get me some of that asap. man o man.. Do you have any pics of it outside and purpled up? Great job on all bro..
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    Bubba Kush 400w Stealth Grow Tent

    Nice bro, keep up the great work and good log. Piney, sweet & lemons? Is that pre-98 bubba kush bro? If so, are ya sure.. Bubba should be xtremely coffee hash oil,earthy, incense, woody from my exp. Whateva you have, it looks real nice man and healthy.
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    Cheese s1

    :rock Keep up the gr8 work mac..
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    looking for definitive lighting answer- 1000's

    Agree, watch your plants, but 12 might be a bit too close for a 1k, I'd say 15-18 is just about right, ime. However, it all depends on heat from light to top cola. If ya see heat stress or bleaching, raise light, easy as pie. :)
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    too much calmag for GH nutes?

    I use a modified Lucas on tap water, love GH, been using it for years now. NO green bottle, don't need it. Micro has plenty of N already.. I would not use CalMag, I'd use Magi-Cal instead.. :)
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    White Bubba Up & Running..

    Raskal's Wifi babies.. Hey fellas.. Here are 5 of Raskal's wifi babies.. I can already spot the og leaning with the the long serrated leaves. It's my #5 plant.. Bottom right in group pic, also the og leaning individual pics.. :rock
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    White Bubba Up & Running..

    Moved thread.. A few shots of Raskal's White Bubba.. White Bubba at 42 days.. Smells like Bubba but it has that white shine, and quite frosted I might add..
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    WIFI done right? We will see...

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    Non-DOT test in 72hrs, WTF.

    Synthetic urine? I just passed a lab drug test with quickfix 5.1.
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    Cheese s1

    :rock Nice man.. Lookin' real healthy and looks like they are lovin' life in there.. NIce log too man.. :)
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    White Fire 35 days Hydro plus a great laugh!

    :rock.. that thing is iced out..
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    White S1's

    Thanx fellas.. Appreciate all the love.. A few shots of the babies rollin' along.. All 10 are up and doing well. My #3 is covered in frost on the first set of serrated, much more so than any other. Go figure huh, why is it always the #3's.. hahaha..
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    White Bubba Up & Running..

    Thankx fellas, appreciate the love.. This plant stinks like no bubba, it must be from the white, cuz my last cut of the white bubba did not smell this strong. Really funky skunk.. Tru, throw up some shots if ya want my brotha..
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