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    please help my year old 7 foot tall mom needs help

    if your having having issue either tied her down or super crop... Or you can do both. The way I keep my mother under 5 feet is above and use a smaller pot like 3 gal. It had work for me
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    veg+bloom, 1 part powder in socal tap

    wtf, I dont know how you do it but I cant get it fill in like that in just 10 days of veg. I only gow OG hybrids and amazed of what you do.
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    veg+bloom, 1 part powder in socal tap

    lol, hence my name I am with you on this one
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    veg+bloom, 1 part powder in socal tap

    Ill Eage, When you run veg+bloom are you yielding more or less from previous nutes? also what was your average weight for OG hybrids.
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    Flower time stress

    Depends what you use to control the mites, to me it is always taste first but my friends cant tell the difference or maybe it is me. Sometimes, it also gives a darker color to it and of course your yield will not be the same. This is all in week 3+ when I notice these symptoms. If maintain in...
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    Keep an OG Kush from stretching

    LST and supper crop great when combine
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    veg+bloom, 1 part powder in socal tap

    sdgrower, let me know how that will perform with MOAB. Are you running that with half of the nutes veg+bloom with MOAB? or your gonna go full strength with veg+bloom with the MOAB?
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    veg+bloom, 1 part powder in socal tap

    I was thinking of trying cap beenies with it as well, wonder how that will run
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    veg+bloom, 1 part powder in socal tap

    Ill How much are you yielding per light? Also are you vegging more or less with Veg+ bloom? Have any tried to add a bloom enhancer with it yet? I think I read some where that some one was gonna try it.
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    veg+bloom, 1 part powder in socal tap

    cant wait to see this run... I usually do a 50 coco/ 50 perlite mix... I run it as I would do as rw with drain and flood method. Similar as to what you would do, top feed for the first week or so then go straight drain and flood. From your OG hybrid whats the ppm you go from bloom? i.e.. week 1=...
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    Can you prune TOO MUCH?

    You dont have to prune that much and little is always better than more
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    Can you prune TOO MUCH?

    1 time in veg is enough. especially for those who veg from 2-4 weeks. I usually prune right before the switch to bloom cycle. I will prune again at end of week 3 and maybe again at week 6-7. This iis for gdp and some OG hybrid that I have. Every strain is different especially if its a sativa or...
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    Would GHS line work with AN additives?

    It does not matter, you can always mix n match.. I have done it many times.
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    fem or reg seeds?

    Thanks all, Yeah I am gonna just stick to reg seeds and play with it from there.
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    >>> Banana Split OG <<<

    It is looking good, hope you get some T&A
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    fem or reg seeds?

    thanks... I also read that some people have used fem seeds from reputable breeders and never had problems that hermed..
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    Nutrient question?

    also grow style? flood n drain? top feed? etc...??
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    fem or reg seeds?

    Hey all, I have doing a lot of reading and searches and seem to find inconclusive response about this. Is it better to have mothers off of regular seeds or feminized seeds? Also these mothers might be used for breeding in the future. Some says it might hermed because of feminize seeds and some...
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    med club info

    I would not recommend making a record because it shows proof of your donations and that has to be a non-profit issue. You can get tax by IRS. If its a a small amount that would be fine but if it continues you would have a problem. No paper trail is the best.
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    coco problems pics please help alll info here thanks

    how many times do you water, and how much water do you give it? is it 100% coco? I notice mines turns like that when I was using 100% coco in a 5 gal smart pot and water 16 oz. After I change it to 50 coco and 50 perlite with 16 oz water and it was fine. Also a Ph range from 5.8 to 6.0. what was...
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