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  1. pugliese63

    Single Blade Leaves In Veg

    Yep. That's what they look like after a "re veg". Takes about 10 days to 2 weeks before growth will return to normal. I wouldn't remove any more material from them. You've stripped them back pretty hard. This will slow them down for sure but they should come back. I've re vegged many a...
  2. pugliese63

    Spots On Leaves (possibly Thrips).

    Drop your pH down to 5.8 to 6.2. 6.8 is a little high. What's the EC or ppm? Regardless, drop your nutrient strength by a third to a half for a few days after a giving them a good dose of plain water. I think you'll begin to see some positive changes.
  3. pugliese63

    Looking For Heavy Duty Wall Mount Fan

    I feel you on fan burn out. Air King has an industrial line made of all metal. They start at 18" and increase in size up to about 36". The most common size is 24" and the pricing starts at about $250 and goes up depending if they are oscillating or ceiling mount ect. If you can work with the...
  4. pugliese63

    Anyone Use Cedar For Dry Room

    Home depot sells 4x8 sheets that are 3/16" thick. They're made for lining closets. Lined my whole area years ago, no cedar smell in final product. Its great against pests and fungus. And looks very professional. Definitely worth it.
  5. pugliese63

    Old C-Bay strains..........

    Wow! So nice to see and hear from Katsu. I LOVED C-bay. I still have close to a 100 packs or more from then. Lot's of stuff from Jojorizo, motarebel, Dman, Fet, Katsu, leisure puffer, Dtox, mbeanboy, ect. Recently germinated an old Jojorizo cross, Titanic X White Ruskaya. Seeds were almost 12...
  6. pugliese63

    Need Help W/ Missing Living Soil Amendment

    I've been considering using clay as an amendment and found this. Comes in various sizes. For an amendment it seems like it would be beneficial.
  7. pugliese63

    My Plants Leaves Just Can't Stop From Doing This, Someone Please Point Me In Right Direction

    By appearances it seems your root zone is saturated. I noticed you're using rock wool croutons which should provide enough air to keep things in check. A wet or saturated root zone prevents the plant from taking up water since it is thoroughly hydrated. Calcium is an immobile nutrient and...
  8. pugliese63

    Jack's nutrients question

    The ammonium sulfate takes the place of the Epsom salts that some use with Jack's. It's the sulphur during the first three weeks that helps establish strong flower sets. Be sure to to get a very high quality ammonium sulfate. There are various grades, a lot made for general broadcasting on turf...
  9. pugliese63

    Jack's nutrients question

    Honestly, I don't know the ppms and have never taken the time to learn how to use the nutrient calculator (which I should). @dizzlekush is a respected grower and I simply followed his advice. I've been very pleased with the results.
  10. pugliese63

    Deep Cleaning Do's And Dont's

    Bifen is only for floors and other surfaces that do not come onto contact with plants. It is not for directly treating plants. It is a preventive step only. Bifen along with Cyfluthrin are both widely used by professional exterminators. Both are used in food preparation facilities as well as...
  11. pugliese63

    Jack's nutrients question

    Here's the formula I run and love it. It was given to me by a very good grower who doesn't post a lot these days, @dizzlekush. He pointed out that the 3-2-1 is not bad formula just not optimized. Per gallon: 2.5. grams Jack's Hydro 2.5 grams Cal nitrate .25 grams potassium silicate .25 grams...
  12. pugliese63

    Deep Cleaning Do's And Dont's

    Looks like your on top of it. Sorry to see your loss. Coat your walls and floors with Bifen, all non plant contact surfaces. Combine it with an IGR, insect growth regulator. This is how you break the reproductive cycle. The key to staying...
  13. pugliese63

    Spider Mites? Yay Or Nay? Use in veg only. This will bring it under control pronto. Similar action to Forbid but shorter residual, 25 days. Again, only for veg. Always rotate products when dealing with...
  14. pugliese63

    Another Broad Mite Thread

    My pleasure. When I have a little more time this week I'll share a couple of other things I do now as well, all preventive. Rarely do I treat my plants with anything. Once you get a good a pest control routine established you should be able to stay 99% pest free.
  15. pugliese63

    Another Broad Mite Thread

    Sorry to hear of your loss. I know how frustrating and disheartening that can be. I went through this several years ago. I did a lot of research with the into eliminating as well as preventing them. As a final step I would coat the walls, floors and the perimeter outside with Bifen and Nyguard...
  16. pugliese63

    Cannabis Couple. Dreams Of Humboldt

    Nice, the metamorphosis continues. This thread went from someone's pipe dream, to several incarnations of a van and RV, to Kermit the frog saying something about "ex's be like", then at some point a guy taking a shower shits on the floor, followed by babies threatening adults sex life, to tips...
  17. pugliese63

    Outdoor High Desert

    Had the pleasure of living in Durango, Co for a couple of years. Absolutely beautiful and well located for day trips to some of the most scenic country anywhere. Moved back to the south and needless to say I miss it tremendously. Especially given the current political climate. Oh yea, you...
  18. pugliese63

    Co2 Burn? Help Idk Whts Going On!!

    Start with 5.5 and go from there. Rock wool likes 5.5 but it will do well up to 5.8. How are you watering using the 100% perlite? If your top feeding, that could be a little challenging, especially by hand. Looks like your in flood tables. Flood and drain would be the way to go using 100%...
  19. pugliese63

    Co2 Burn? Help Idk Whts Going On!!

    You mentioned your in rock wool cubes. Organic and rock wool won't mix well. Plus your going into 100% perlite. Basically you're running a hydro-organic system. Hydro-organics is tricky to say the least. The rock wool is very alkaline and needs a hydro type nutrient ph adjusted to 5.5. Running...
  20. pugliese63

    28.35 % THC Bruce Banner #3

    This ⬆️. It's all about balance. Here's a parallel comparison; when you go to the bottle shop, wine boutique or liquor store do you look for the bottle with the most alcohol? No. If that were the case everyone would just purchase ethanol. We all have individual tastes/preferences as well as...
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