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    i think the problem I had was with nute burn and too much co2. I overkill with some nutes back...

    i think the problem I had was with nute burn and too much co2. I overkill with some nutes back then. Also I had co2 running 24 hrs and turned my co2 on at flip at 1500ppm. I stopped doing both and it fixed the issue.
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    Any Legit Clones In Oc?

    Looking for og cuts and also some legit jack herer cuts. Wanted to know if anyone has a good source. I prefer fellow farmers/growers than a clone shop. I'm looking for about 200 cuts and if the person or place has legit clones I can also help them with more clientele. I have friends and fam...
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    Socal Consultants?

    Depends on size of op, if the landlord is friendly or not, and honestly if you got the balls to do it. If you need more thorough advice, pm me and I'll try to explain better.
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    Drippers: What Is The Best Dripper For Rockwool

    I am not sure if I am posting on the right part of the forum but I am trying to get some advice in what type of drippers people use in their systems. I currently doing 4" rockwool delta 10s on top of 6" rockwool hugos. I have a custom drip system but it's a hassle and a half everytime...
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    I Need Help Want To Know What I Need To Do To Swell Buds Up Im On Day 21 In Flowering Wondering If I

    And pls tell me that's not the only light you have on those girls. Btw they start to swell more starting week 4.. you are just beginning the week, so calm down and wait.
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    Weird Leaf

    Looks like a spiral leaf.. near the top... I've had this before a few times too and nothing happened. Flowers grew fine and didn't have any problems throughout. Just my experience.
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    I Need General Help - Regarding Feeding Scheduales & More - Thank You In Advance !!!

    Welcome to the farm. Honestly, I don't think anyone will guide you thru the whole process on here. It takes time to teach someone from square one. You have to just take the time and read through the forum or pay someone to consult you. You should know as an entrepreneur, that nothing comes...
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    Topping/cloning "fast Version" Strains

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    Topping/cloning "fast Version" Strains

    You should try mainling.. :p
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    I've pinched and bended even when I saw white hairs and even up to the end of week 3 when nugs formed. It does stress it a bit but i don't bend all crazy either unless it's early weeks up to week 2. Veg is the ideal way to go thou.
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    Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood

    Are you in coco or soil? I've heard of feeding once a week.. do u feed in btwn weeks with plain water too? I'm a grodan hydro person so I feed daily multi feedings..
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    Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood

    Just once. I mix into a fresh rez with nutes for week 1 and add bud blood with it but keep in mind I'm in recirculating top feed rockwool and dtw drip rockwool.
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    Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood

    It's OK to use bud blood with conni. I prefer the liquid bud blood over the powder form thou. Less mess.. just add once during your first week and you should be good to go.
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    Ideal-air Mini Split " Do-it-yourself": Bomb Or Shit?

    It works good.. also with the new regulations with mini splits, you can't get 13 seer anymore. If you can get a 13 seer ideal air grab it quick. It is slightly weaker in the amount of air it pushes out compared to a soleus but it hasn't given me any probs. Plus it has a nice feature where it...
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    Yea... was a long shot but still worth a try lol I had a realtor.. I paid good for a finders fee but he left to Colorado lol and my attorney just keeps referring property that's been established alrdy... to me that's like buying a used condom...
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    Btw this is socal I'm referring to.
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    Are there any Realtors in this forum? Lol I know it's a long shot but just curious if there is one or if anyone has one that they would be willing to share. Realtor that is up to date with mmj locations foe both club and grow. Thanks
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    A/c Work Needed.. Any Referals?

    Sorry for the late response. I have been sick for a bit and haven't been able to follow up lol I did pm cannabisjohn directly thou. Thanks everyone for your replies.
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    A/c Work Needed.. Any Referals?

    So not sure if this is the right place to post this but was wondering if there was anyone from the forum that did ac work in the southern cali area. Would prefer someone active on the forum or if someone who is active on the forum would be willing to share their ac guys info and refer them to...
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