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  1. Nobodynobody

    A/C & Dehumidifier Water

    I hear mix things about this. Yet ever hear proof is in the pudding? Well I done this my self and got zero problems. Note it only filled half my tanks. Use it ;)
  2. Nobodynobody

    Root Aphids, Fungus Gnats, and other fun bugs (ID PICS)

    Took some photos of some bugs in my roots. Can any one tell me what I might have?
  3. Nobodynobody

    Root Aphids, Fungus Gnats, and other fun bugs (ID PICS)

    I was wondering what I am seeing cawing around my rockwool cubes are the Hypoaspis Miles? I took a few photos that did not come out great. Need more option if this bug is bad. There is no bug, Like no bug. Yhea the good ones are not needed ether if the bad ones are gone..... Thanks guys
  4. Nobodynobody

    Does anyone know where to get low profile reservoirs for a decent price?

    Pool liner, lumber and screws. For under $150 you can build a 15x15 foot Res that will old 1200Gallons! Use 2x4, 2x6, or what i use 2x8 for tables ect... Use few washers&screws to hold liner around out side of lumber if needed. Turn off res heater when no water is there.
  5. Nobodynobody

    Single Ballast Flips

    Just saw these in the magazines. What is your thought of them vs the ones from PowerBox? Sure there all the same thing under the hood. Other thing I be doing is some kind of 24hr veg. If you just got 2 room for flip flop. Check into Sun Pulse Y. Uses old school capacitors magnetic not digital...
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    Need help on low clearance drain table design.

    A lot of people have said good info here. I use the Multiflow Ebb controller on drain only for my hydro needs. CAP makes few things that will get the job done as well. More build for soil? Say trash sump pump or just a large sump pump with a paint screen from the hard ware store. Make sure to...
  7. Nobodynobody

    Top-Off Drum

    Read others here. Myself if I were going to do any crazy water storage. be 4x4, 2x4, 3/4" plywood, and pool liner. Maybe a ratchet to hold the liner snug around the rim. But otherwise just check for use todes or drums that were used once. PS. look for the thicker drums that had tomato past...
  8. Nobodynobody

    Running a fan bigger then your hoods?

    If your useing 600w lamp, you need at less an 8" fan at 600cfm. 1000w 10"fan per light. And Yes you can order hoods with 10" vents. My self I went to bare bulb screw all the ducts.
  9. Nobodynobody

    Oxygen depletion in a sealed room

    For seals room. I use H202 in my water to super charge the o2 in the water. I have heard O2 is useful hit why we never feed when the lights are off... Yes co2 is not needed when lights are off too, and not recommended. The electronic damper is not what you need. A spring loaded damper so the...
  10. Nobodynobody

    12K - 5tons - CO2 - LAB

    Vary nice. If I were you. Use the HEPA filter with the Charfilter. Any small part from the scrubber will get suck in the Hepa and not go in your eye. Use a size reducer if needed. Plus remove a fan and save power on one fan. Your years is sure showing off ability on creating a clean smother...
  11. Nobodynobody

    Water cooled grow room

    Had to stop in. Funny how pictures say 1000 words. This is a vary impressive. Vary close to my set up too. Only thing is I use AMhydro miniPH and not the full doser for ppms. The water cool and duct is not bad at all. The walls are great too. I would have place some black and white...
  12. Nobodynobody

    Light cycle interrupted, please help

    I had 4 days no power. I just place let things run that much longer over all. 11days is kinda long for being half way thew bloom. if it was at the start. I would say reveg for a bit. Place them in larger pots if your in dirt to cover up some of that stretch. This is a tuff one with out any...
  13. Nobodynobody

    need info on the recomendations on ph pens i keep breaking my blue lab

    Yhea these tools are not built Ford Tuff. JKJK I like the Hanna 6N. Vary much on point. If I were walking in the store these days. I get trimeter due to I run ppms 2000-6000 Most pens will not go over 2k ppms. If cost was a problem. I say go for a blulab ppm stick or some other kind of ppm...
  14. Nobodynobody

    SAFETY thread....please share!

    Alright, I am about health safety. Lamps. Replace them when due. Digi 6mos. Caps 12-18mos. Reason, the UV sheild that stop the harmful rays get warn out. We like to have eyes and no skin problems down the road. Also check into grow sunglasses to correct the HPS light! Co2 Burners. only 99%...
  15. Nobodynobody

    root aphid poblem they are so resilient it is disgusing help help help

    Going have to stand with the 1st few things said in this post. Spectracide Triazicide & Bayer tree and shrub for Veg. For got the mix off hand but I used them ONCE over a 8mo battle. and BOOM! gone before I did a 2ed treatment! However SM90 and Azatrol for bloom stage was what recommendations I...
  16. Nobodynobody

    20 light, 25 plant, Screen of Green

    Looks like some one took note on filling those Nets up! Did not get a chance to read any post really. However in one of the pictures with the ZigZags. Looks like the Stock is Shinny in one area. Why is that? The humidifier looks like a decent unit. I never had to worry about it personally...
  17. Nobodynobody

    21k Tabled Scrog Setup Design. Opinions on cooling/air cooled hoods.

    If it were I, take all glass off hoods. Do industrial 3 phase 15ton should do the job. Or several 5 tons if power is not 3 phase. Other things that I came across over the years. 8-10" fan with 600-1000CFM to cool a 1000w lamp. 600w can get away with 8" fan with 600CFM.
  18. Nobodynobody

    Oscillating fan method during flowering

    The norm is having a 12-18" fan on moving side to side. Hang 5" feet from floor on wall. With several lamps. One between 2 lights. If thigh on money. You can get away 2 fans for 4 lights. The best way to see if all your leaves are moving so often. Keep fans on 24/7
  19. Nobodynobody

    central air system or mini split for systems

    Did central duct split system for each room here. Anything over 2 lamps seems pointless with a mini split. If you use a single system with movable dampeners with dual controls. Place a UV air filter to clean any kind of junk in the air to keep each room clean from spreading a problem. Another...
  20. Nobodynobody

    20 light, 25 plant, Screen of Green

    Great 1st time. You made it threw! I say to Veg longer or place maybe another row in to pack all that area in. Sure some of those buds where size of your head!
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