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  1. badradsad

    For Sale Seeds from Breeders

    Still have the Queen Sugar, I’ll DM price. I sold the Don Mega on Insta :)
  2. badradsad

    For Sale Seeds (Updated list)

    Yeah, just message me which ones you’re interested in :)
  3. badradsad

    For Sale Seeds (Updated list)

    US only sorry bud :(
  4. badradsad

    For Sale Seeds (Updated list)

    Depends on the pack. Just dm for info
  5. badradsad

    For Sale Seeds (Updated list)

    Garlic Storm Modified Mints Slurricane IX Terple As well, those can be ready in a week.
  6. badradsad

    For Sale Seeds (Updated list)

    Right now, I’m not selling clones, as I’m backed up a bit. I don’t have any of those crosses as clones. I do have Bop Gun, Meat Madness, Frozen Gelato, Caramel Apple Crisp, Berlatti moms that can be cut. But it will be a limited amount of clones, and will be a week or two before any are available
  7. badradsad

    For Sale Seeds (Updated list)

    In House Genetics Divine Storm Lime Drops Supreme Grapes (half pack) Jelly Belly Deluxe Slurbert Platinum Punch Two pack deal -Twisted Helix + Frosted Apricots (they were originally freebies, 10 + seeds each) Cannarado Fems; Herb GrapeDog D Sundae Strudel Bat Mitzvah Birthday Blues...
  8. badradsad

    Wanted Mac1 clones

    I have the Caps Cut. Are you in California?
  9. badradsad

    Help! Are my clones Hermi?

    I’d say 1-3 weeks.
  10. badradsad

    Help finding seeds in US

  11. badradsad

    Wanted Anyone know when Mephisto is gonna open again ?

    I have one of the strawberry nuggets, and an Orange Diesel. You can have them if you’re in the US, and pay for the shipping. I like Autos, but they I don’t really like to have them in my garden
  12. badradsad

    Help! Are my clones Hermi?

    They look like females, they are flowering unfortunately. Sometimes people take clones from flowering plants, it takes them a couple of weeks to grow out of it. Do you have your lights on a timer? I recommend going 18/6 with lights, transplanting, and giving them a good feeding. They’ll come out...
  13. badradsad

    where is everyone getting Seeds!!!

    I’ve bought seeds from a lot of different seed banks, including overseas seed banks. So far my favorite ones are The Seed Connection Lucious Genetics Labyrinth Seed Co Real Rocky Mountain High 719 Deeply Rooted Seed Bank Harvest Mutual Superior Seed Bank Neptune Seed Bank ^there are all...
  14. badradsad

    First time grower in need of help identifying genders

    If you have a magnifying glass, look for the distinctive “crab claw” male preflowers. This site helped me a lot when I first started growing Are they different plants? Or are the pictures of all the same plants? The first two pics look similar, and I would say they’re males...
  15. badradsad

    Wanted Delivery in the U.S

    Use Seed Connection Labyrinth Seed Co Neptune Seed Bank Deeply Rooted Seed Bank Heavily Connected Seed Bank Tokers Dream Seed Bank They’re all in the US and ship in the US. All verified by the breeders the sell stock for
  16. badradsad

    Wanted Help with buying seeds in the US/Illinois

    Neptune Seed Bank The Seed Connection (run by the chillest, and honest guys) Luscious Genetics (they have a lot of stuff cheaper than other seed banks) Real Rocky Mountain High 719 (he only sells stuff from companies whose gear he has grown out, real stand up person) James Bean Seed
  17. badradsad

    For Sale Novelty Bird Seed 🌱🌱

    Updated list, sold a bunch of packs Seeds Cannarado (any 5 Goji crosses for 350) Regs; 2 Goji Margy (Pine Soul x Frozen Margy) Lemon Margy (Lemon Jack x Frozen Margy) Margolope (Chocolope x Frozen Margy) Frozen Margy F2 (FM x FM) Purple Margy (Purple Punch x Frozen Margy) 4 Juices...
  18. badradsad

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Not the Plat Zookies, but anything with Plat in it usually has good mold resistance, and yields well. I’ve run a lot of the Platinum crosses. My favorite was the Grape Marmalade. I’m running Garlic Storm right now 👍🏻Just started about two weeks ago, we can compare grows in a couple of months...
  19. badradsad

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    First plant is Burnt Toast F2 by Raw Genetics Second is Animal Mints 15 (Clone, not a seed) Third is Punch Breath by Symbiotic Genetics Fourth is the Gelato 33 (clone not seed) Fifth is Jellysickle from In House Genetics Sixth, and seventh are the same strain, different phenos of Jelly...
  20. badradsad

    Wanted Help with buying seeds in the US/Illinois

    Try Seed Connection, Deeply Rooted Seedbank, Harvest Mutual, Real Rocky Mountain High 719, Platinum Seedbank, Breeders Seed Direct Co or Neptune Seed Bank. All based in US, I’ve used them all, no problem. Neptune does charge more for some packs, check the other ones first. No point trying to get...
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