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  1. smokum

    Make your own piece > buying a piece

    How about expanding a bit more on the topic to make this an educational piece instead of a simple personal statement..... I'm sure many would like to hear of your endeavor.
  2. smokum

    leftovers from bho extraction??

    I normally do a first run of butane, remove the material from my tube and let the butane evaporate (for a long period), then re-jar until I feel like running a qwiso. I've been happy with my process and results. But I would not 'smoke' the leftover 1st run simply because if there is anything...
  3. smokum

    where can i find vacum jars for purging..

    ExtractionExperts recently added items to their site for this purpose, and the prices arent' too bad imho. Check the last two items at the bottom of this page: I'll be ordering the elect pump option myself as soon as I can scrape up the pennies.
  4. smokum


    If you want to clean the stone, you just hold it with foreceps or tweezers (or something of the like), and torch it clean. You can even reclaim if you wish.
  5. smokum

    anybody tried this?

    Well, if your going to ingest it as edibles or tincture I could see a purpose..... but not if your inhaling, as the heat of doing so works just fine IMHO.
  6. smokum

    Long Term Storage??

    My harvests last me one year..... and all I found necessary was to burp the jars until satisfied that the moisture content is where I want, then one burp every month for two months, then leave em locked up in a cool dark space. (I do my cures by sight and smell, and never found the need to...
  7. smokum

    need input on hash or hashoil

    Here are the forums you shld read and ask at: THCF Hashish & Processing
  8. smokum

    First Oil Rig?

    I soooo want to pop my glass cherry with a nice rig, but need it multi use (oils/hash/herb) with a straight up receiver for a skillet/nail/bowl, lots of moisturizing diffusion, and most importantly.... a flattened restrictive mouthpiece (can't lung hit), all while being under 10" with a heavy...
  9. smokum

    anybody tried this?

    I too luv my KangaCan, even if its a little too expensive for what it is... their bag is great to work with and the results are great !
  10. smokum

    Dry ice extraction

    ya, you can sprinkle it in with some flower..... after all.. it came from it in the first place. Just don't over do it in the keif or you'll have a sticky mofo mess to clean, lol.
  11. smokum


    Lot's of upcoming product/updates on the go from THC lately...... seems their working on a leakproof cart, one for flowers, and they've also just released a multi voltage unit as well. Think I'll sit back a while and see what comes before diving in myself.
  12. smokum

    Atmosrx hash oil pen vaporizer

    It appears the threading on these are a reverse E9 (LTv9) thread & pitch (E9's use a female threaded cartomizer, where these are male threaded cartomizers). I took an Omicron cartomizer and found it screws in effortlessly into one of my old smoke51 cartomizers. The only thing I haven't...
  13. smokum

    HELP using mildew bud for hash?

    Perhaps take a look into your purging technique and make sure your just not coughing due to an captured ISO (I always like to do repetitive vac purges following BHO or QWISO to ensure I've completely taken out any solvents). I believe for absolute mold spore removal (dead or active) you'd...
  14. smokum

    Atmosrx hash oil pen vaporizer

    Are you sure they mix with Glycerin and not Propylene Glycol ? Because THC oil can and will bond to the Carbon backbone via emulsification, where the polarized OH groups end up facing outward, forcing stability in the newly bonded molecule.
  15. smokum

    Atmosrx hash oil pen vaporizer

    Don't have either myself, but I can't see it not working if the threads are the same..... a 3.7v battery is a 3.7v battery regardless of mAh ratings which just means you will have to re-charge is more often. Sure wish someone could identify this thread size.. I'd love to find an adaptor to...
  16. smokum

    Easy Hash

    I've yet to try it with butane only because I'm concerned about a blowout as the kief could start plugging the filter under pressure, but I see no prob further concentrating with a QWISO swish & filter. * not saying thats what happens, rather just a logical 'assumption' so far at this point...
  17. smokum

    Is that Indoor, Or outdoor Hash?

    NICE !!! More details ? qty/product used, end result weight, are you further processing it or just hittin dat chit as is ?
  18. smokum

    No smell!

    G81, Can you further explain your comment on the ozone gen use during dry ? I used my industrial sized one during hang for both odor AND to prevent mold without issue at all, and am curious as to your reasoning/findings. PEACE
  19. smokum

    Trip stick ***strait hash oil***

    Not very 'Scientific' of you to slam another vendor product using a different means of uptake, regardless of concentrate purity (along with 'obvious' effect), and the personal findings of use by an individual. It's NOT 'crap', it just doesn't use pure concentrates as yours does, yet is still...
  20. smokum

    Guys check this out. Pure Hash oil cartridges

    The only thing 'invented' by THC is the cartomizer they have. The batteries are standard 3.7v 900mAh (ego style) that have a proprietary threading to match the omicron cart. note: standard joye ego batteries are regulated to 3.2v I believe where their lookalikes are unregulated 3.7v (which is...
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