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    Global Price Index For Marijuana/search Engine

    wholesale will be a lot lower in most area's so if you expect these prices by the guy with gram bags...
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    Pharmaceuticals To Cure Marijuana Dependence And Abuse?

    been on topamax, toparimate, for years. side effects real for novice users 1st month to 6 weeks. as for reduced canibus consumption I CALL BULLSHIT!!!! I would love to get in on one of these bullshit test, at an ounce of shatter every 10 days I 'd love to smoke it up for a month or two and show...
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    Cops Who Stole And Gobbled Weed Candy Complain That Security Camera Violated Their Privacy

    BULLIES need to pay: WTF people don't lay down. these fuckers and all those like them need to fry if we can't stop it with a vote or a trial, the 2nd amendment is still intact, don't give up one right just so you can have another. make them believe-------" kick my door in and I'll be waiting on...
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    Aquaponic Medical Marijuana

    That be true nothing out of peat coco or other soilless medium is for the Noob, no offence, but if new and you want to do water plan on some failures early on. LOVE IT. been considering adapting one of my rdwc to this type of live rez. my only concerns have always been the amounts of nutrients...
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    Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome

    With sea on this one, years in the community and this is "new", 7 years to build up? Believe nothing cures everything... not everyone should consume MMJ or any other medicine, prescription or herbal. I can make you a wonderfully flavored tonic out of the herbs and such kept in my kitchen however...
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    having high electric bill readings

    set it up. flip it on. and pay the bill... one light one plant.
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    Can Medical Marijuana Curb The Heroin Epidemic?

    Really it helps addicts.... Got a heroin addict as patient now, 2 years no needle no pills, got a job, and a life now. There be your study in micro. discount, free what ever it takes-- life is short.
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    New Marijuana Product, ‘wax,’ Is Easily Concealable, Often Smoked In E-cigarettes *snicker*

    I want a dab that packs 20 fatties in one. Excuse me sir may I have another.
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    Missouri Gov Pardons Nine Nonviolent Offenders, Ignores Man Serving Life For Pot

    no one should be convicted of a crime of morality! Signed and sent.
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    Masssachusetts Medical Society Resolutions: Reclassify Marijuana,

    one step forward two steps back. sounds good but read how much help they want to give us.!! take your bike helmet and stick it in your...... got to go smoke.!
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    Perfect pH?

    5.8 up to 6.1 over 5 days adjust back down change out re nute every 7 days . like Tex I don't feed heavy .8 to 1.4 ec nutrilife ABC powders with a few boosters and beanies. never a deficiency and if there is I F'ed up don't get mad get high!
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    Epsom Salt

    If you are using a good nute and keeping your numbers right in RDWC (recirculating deep water Culture) or UC as many call it. you should not notice this deficiency unless you are not maintaining ph 5.8 to 6.1 and nute levels under 800 tds ec 1.4. most people read deficiency when none exist. if...
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    Pm Or Mold - How Do You Deal With It And How Do You Get It?

    You get It by not having enough fans.... And not paying attention... one 16" preferable 18" fan per lamp minimum. prefer 1.5 fans per lamp both on walls and floor. filter incoming air. and Oh my god pay attention!! As to others as well as my concerns for your health as well as anyone you may...
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    Phantom Ii Ballast And Flips Fyi

    OK folks we all know that not all electronic ballast work with a flip but the MOST TESTED ballast on the planet doesn't either "P.O.S.". the older phantoms no problem! old ass cheap electronic or old style magnetic no problem! apparently they are more interested in over powering your bulbs. I...
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    Marijuana's History: How One Plant Spread Through The World

    love the post . wasn't "hemp" cannabis sativa L used here in the u.s. much earlier--- sail cloth, rope, English colonies and all. seems I remember something about 1st law in this country (british governed) dealing with canabis to actually be all farms of "x" size must plant hemp, circa...
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    Nutrient Schedules for the Under Current System

    Nutrilife nutes clones into system 50 gallon water 45 grams nutrigreen 45 grams nutrigrow Ph 5.9 EC 0.90 or tds 450=+- 50ml Orca "good bugs" wk2 -4 increase first to 55 grams each for nutrients, if plants are large enough and usually are by the 3rd week bump up to 75 grams each of the...
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    making shatter that actually SHATTERS

    been playin this 4 a minute so I be ready to teach. your method is sound and you are right keep your temps under 100. i prefer to watch the last few minute of boil off closely ( hot plate, water vessel, around 95-100f) then transfer and vac at temps between 85-- 95 f . a stainless steal blow...
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    Cheap sources for online GALLONS of vaccume pump oil.

    tractor supply co. "TSC" same product $13.88 no shipping not available at all stores. used by dairy industry
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    choppers...I see chopper....

    turn it all to hash if u want flowers go indoors or relocate....
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    choppers...I see chopper....

    North of US 10 west Us 75 Midland county very active. One good old boy got a courtesy visit, thank god he was home when they where hovering. chop chop chop, all gone, phone call and visit from "bayanet" no charges just a good scare . ---- outdoor---- no card----u got lucky buddy... sounds like...
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