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    coco in the undercurrent?

    im tired of the mess that hydroton make and all the clay silt left in the pipes and buckets from it. if i were to use coco would my p.h. range 5.5-6.5 still remain the same and can i still use aqua flakes from house and garden? i figure coco fibers have to be much cleaner and easier to clean up.
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    can someone link the site with the nice cages that fit the undercurrent buckets perfectly? i think it was burpee or something close to that...
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    kritical mass thread moved

    here is a link if anyone wants to follow me
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    Kritical Mass

    day 1 church strain veg nutrients R.O. water 100 gallons +/- Cal Mag Plus (2ml per gallon) H&G aqua flakes A&B (half strength) H&G root excelerator (1ml per gallon) Great White (4 ounces) 280 ppm 5.7 ph (no adjustment was ness) room temp 77 room humidity 42% res temp 70...
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    benes or dm zone?

    what would you recommend for the undercurrent? i got rot this first time around around month two real bummer. so now im gonna flush weekly and get myself a chiller. for nutes i plan on running veg h&g aqua flakes h&g roots excelerator botanicare cal mag plus canna rhizotonic canna...
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    help plz pictures included

    i cant figure out whats going on with these plants week 5 of veg l.a. confidential ppm 1200 cns17 grow and ultimate thrive p.h. 5.8-6.3 foliar spraying with liquid light and saturator undercurrent type system water is 22 celcius temps are 70-85 running co2 is on a monitor 1500 ppm ive...
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