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  1. NEGreenery

    To flush or not is the question

    This is a very debated question and you'll most likely find growers telling you either way, to flush and not to flush. There have been some scientific studies, but I only know about one. It was talked about in Mr. Grow It's youtube channel. You can find it pretty easily with a simple yt search...
  2. NEGreenery

    Tying down branches while mainlining - mandatory or optional?

    If both halves of the plant are green and almost identical to each other, I'm pretty sure your plant knows it has 2 main colas.
  3. NEGreenery

    Tying down branches while mainlining - mandatory or optional?

    Hello guys, I'm just curious to know if tying down your branches will have any greater affect than not tying them down. I'm scared to tie my branches down, because on one of my plants, the entire 1 half of the plant snapped off. (aka the branch on 1 half of the plant snapped off.) So I wonder...
  4. NEGreenery

    European Seed Banks (THAT DO NOT SHIP FROM THE UK)

    Hello guys, I'm looking for an european seed bank that does not ship from the UK. Reason being that shipping from the UK to my country requires official declaration of the package and its contents. This applies to any Non-EU country. Are there any seed banks located within the EU with...
  5. NEGreenery

    Who says you can't top autos. Top this...

    Dubxxl mainlines his autos :D so yeah u can top em but it's better to stay cautious imo, depends on strain
  6. NEGreenery

    Yo my cat is chillin

    its actually 1st week of flower now.. moving on to week 2 tomorrow on aug 8th, seeing pistils form. Thanks for the tip of caution!
  7. NEGreenery

    Yo my cat is chillin

    ill look out for my cat doing the same, but he doesnt want to sleep in there if the soil is wet and i water my medium everyday
  8. NEGreenery

    Yo my cat is chillin

  9. NEGreenery

    Switching mind from topping to mainlining

    Hello guys, I really wanted to try mainlining, but the problem is that I already topped my plants. I had 6 nodes and I topped the 7th that was coming out. Will it be a lot of stress for the plants if I top it to the 3rd node now?
  10. NEGreenery

    Yellow spots on leaves, deficiency, pests?

  11. NEGreenery

    Yellow spots on leaves, deficiency, pests?

    Hey guys, What do you think of this problem?
  12. NEGreenery

    Seedling is stretching with burnt tips

    Hello guys, I got this seedling that is stretching and having these burnt tips. I'm using BioBizz Light-Mix and some homemade compost (which is probably the problem) as the medium. I use 240 watt Kingbrite LM301H epistar lights at 50cm away from canopy at around 38%. I kept it before at around...
  13. NEGreenery

    A common humidity/temperature issue of mine

    Hello guys, I know that temperature and humidity play a big part in the growth of cannabis, but sadly I can't seem to control them right now. I can monitor them, but I'm just a bit concerned about the growth. I currently have 3 seedlings in a 2x4 tent with about 50% humidity and 25-26 degrees...
  14. NEGreenery

    Do these girls need nutrients??????

    One of my outdoor plants is just like this right now. I gave her more of my Fish-Mix by BioBizz than usual and it still ended up being the same, or maybe the changes were too small to notice, but yeah I'm going to give my plant more nitrogen and I'll see how it goes.
  15. NEGreenery

    Cut these dwarf leaves off? They look small regarding the whole plant size

    I have these mini "dwarf" leaves that I'm not so confident that will be useful. They look sick and small. Will these be the ones to bear some beautiful buds in Autumn? I doubt it, but am I wrong? They seem completely out of ratio in size looking at the whole plant (pic 2 or 3)
  16. NEGreenery

    Should I use fertilizer in my smaller transplant pot?

    BioBizz Light-Mix is my medium, my plant is no plant yet. Germinating soon. I plan to use 11 liter pots, but I will put my seed in small transplant pots first, maybe 1 liter. I'm gonna use Green House Feeding powdered nutes, but I'm wondering if I should use those in both the small transplant...
  17. NEGreenery

    Should I use fertilizer in my smaller transplant pot?

    Hello guys, Just a small concern I have in regards to my transplanting phase. I will be getting some Green House Feeding powdered nutrients soon, and I wondered if I should use the powdered fertilizer in my smaller transplant pot. I plan to not use any powdered fertilizer in my transplant pot...
  18. NEGreenery

    Anyone used this company before as a top dress product?

    Hello guys, I'm tempted to buy some products from this company. Just confused if they can be used for top-dressing. All of their manuals I've seen describe mixing them in water instead of using it for a top dress. Here's some of their products in an european store...
  19. NEGreenery

    Can I cut these leaves off?

    Thanks. I would've used straw mulch, but there's none to be found in any local stores here.
  20. NEGreenery

    Can I cut these leaves off?

    Nah, it was almost 10am the time I took those pictures. It gets about 5-7 degrees Celsius colder every night and that's why they're drooping. OR it's overwatering lol.
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