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  1. cemchris

    How Truthful Are The Posts On This Site?

    It's pretty easy to spot those peeps when they come on here. They are the first ones to start calling people names and talk about their huge grow they are just a hired hand in as soon as someone calls something fishy. It is what it is. Can't take the facebook bragging out of some people. I...
  2. cemchris

    Advanced Nutrients Vs Fox Farms Nutrients

    There is multi way to get to the same goal.
  3. cemchris

    New PH meter need help

    HM meters are dog shit. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Had a buddy go through 2 of them in a week. Wouldn't calibrate or hold worth a shit. I'd suggest Bluelab. Ive used Oakton with zero issues. Others will prob have suggestions also. Had bad luck in the past with Hanna stuff...
  4. cemchris

    Aquaman goes COCO. (Mother hunt)

    How I used to use them. Got tired of accidently pulling clones out of the rooters trying to fish them out of the trays. Just flip them upside down and they will stand on their own in the trays/domes, cups, tuperware ect. I thought root riots were the ones with IBA in them. Don't member rapid...
  5. cemchris

    Roots, tips and tricks to start

    I always back off the watering's and run them a little on the dry side first 2 watering's to promote the "searching" per say. Rockwool and coco both. Longer in wool.
  6. cemchris

    Dirtbags Do-over... 🤪 Back to Organic!

    Im looking forward to the journey with it. I like to consider myself a pretty experienced dude in this but man.....I don't know the first thing about organic growing let alone soil grows in general. I've always considered the guys/girls that master this pretty much at the top of their game...
  7. cemchris

    How many plants should I have in room to get 5lbs per crop?

    That is going to be more strain dependent. There isn't a 1 fit answer. 4 lights for 5 lbs is overkill. Specially in the DE dept. 2 - SE 1k's w/ cheap bulbs and no gas I pulled 5.5 off GSC x ECSD with 17 plants in 1 gals off a 4 x8 vegged about 2 weeks. That strain just does it. Something I...
  8. cemchris

    Best way to handle runoff?

  9. cemchris

    Dirtbags Do-over... 🤪 Back to Organic!

    Ice cream is about the only milk product ill touch. Yeah almost a full dairy hater.
  10. cemchris

    Dirtbags Do-over... 🤪 Back to Organic!

    100%. I would rather have a penis in my mouth then it full of cheese, with the exception of pizza.
  11. cemchris

    Dirtbags Do-over... 🤪 Back to Organic!

    As a cheese hater good pizza is about all I get down on. That sounds fucking fantastic.
  12. cemchris

    My growing experience in deep water culture.

    Second that or local AG companies. Link in Bills sig is a go to resource.
  13. cemchris

    The Cannatrol™ Cool Cure Box. Perfect dry and cure every time?

    dont use jars then or get bigger jars
  14. cemchris

    Aquaman goes COCO. (Mother hunt)

    Not to mention your eyes hardcore
  15. cemchris

    Is bio bizz any good

    Like other said they are expensive. They are decent tho. Topmax, Alg, and fish mix are good also but you can find better alts cheaper.
  16. cemchris

    Aquaman goes COCO. (Mother hunt)

    Just 1 note about perpetual is about every 1-2 months pull everything out of the room and clean clean clean. Can't stress that enough.
  17. cemchris

    PH is Rising in resevoir

    also no reason also to run a pump in 24/7 in a rez usuing stuff like 3 part and calmg. Once they are mixed you are good. Adding stuff like the roots or Kool bloom liquid I would.
  18. cemchris

    Cheap alternatives to overpriced hydroponic nutrients

    Think you should be able to get stuff from people like Yara or ICL in the UK.
  19. cemchris

    SCROG, Out of height. Your opinions, please help!

    You will either need to lower the table or move the fan and raise the light up. What is that a 315/600? Non aircooled that will burn the center. First run with the strain? Any idea how much it stretches?
  20. cemchris

    The Cannatrol™ Cool Cure Box. Perfect dry and cure every time?

    1500 bucks to dry maybe 1 -3 plants? am I missing something?
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