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  1. DismalDude

    I don’t what went wrong,

    Man,I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I honestly wouldn't waste any more time on that thing. Seriously,I get it but you'd be better off getting your environment right and starting from scratch. It will save you a lot of time.
  2. DismalDude

    Dd's Perpetual Medical Wonderlust

    Last pic tonight. This was Uncle Fester I got from 5th avenue? Something like that. I worked it for a couple years but didn't find the RKS. I let it go.
  3. DismalDude

    Dd's Perpetual Medical Wonderlust

    It all looks great to me but those Gorilla Cookies are my favorite to just look at. I like purple. They're chugging along.
  4. DismalDude

    The BEST strains of all time. Vote here!

    In 85 and 86 we had a guy in the area that brought in some RKS. No idea of what his genetics were and didn't ask as the dude was just scary. It was $60 a quarter which was expensive as hell at the time and smelled like you had run over a skunk. I can't even describe how powerful the smell was,it...
  5. DismalDude

    Help in tulsa oklahoma

  6. DismalDude

    Let's see your 2021 Outdoor Plants!

    Anthocyanin... love it!
  7. DismalDude

    Who are NFTG?

    I'm a fan of NFTG and have been going on four years now. To this day it amazes me that it's still not more known. There's many company's for sure but it's up to us to decide who we are going to support. This video was from the Dude Grows Show. If only all companies were like this...
  8. DismalDude

    Another LEGAL!!! VA grower.

    I'm happy Va has gone legal. Still a lot of kinks to work out but it will happen soon.
  9. DismalDude

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Lol,love it. That little video I made was just raw footage and a few inserts using windows 10. It was fun,haven't done that in a long time. Need a gimbal.
  10. DismalDude

    Will Marijuana Do This For Me?

    There are different things I use aside from cannabis. Many people have not heard of them. I use Moringa daily,I grew it last year. You'll have to look it up but it is a wonderful tree/plant. I also use Essiac tea for myself and my animals. . It's a wonderful blend of herbs that was discovered...
  11. DismalDude

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    My frostiest girls I have on deck. Mind the shaky cam... Couldn't compress enough for local upload. I tried.
  12. DismalDude

    Will Marijuana Do This For Me?

    Well, like EMs49 said,sorry to hear that man. There comes a point in life that though we might be trying to help someone, they sometimes have tried everything and exhausted all avenues. We all have to do the best we can for ourselves. My heart is with you man, I wish I had the solutions for you.
  13. DismalDude

    Week 9 - Moscow Blueberry - Harvest?

    That Moscow Blueberry is some of the best medicine I've ever grown. Well done, wish we could've heard what your final thoughts on it were.
  14. DismalDude

    Will Marijuana Do This For Me?

    Hey there @oLd1, not to dredge up an older thread but I'm always interested in anything related to any type of arthritis. My mother suffered from RA for many decades and opiates along with other meds took a toll on her overall well being. I talked with her about alternative treatments until I...
  15. DismalDude

    My grinder project and how its changing my life

    Fantastic! I love reading/seeing stories like this. Thinking outside the box can make wonderful things happen, really impressed. I have psoriatic arthritis throughout my body but sometimes the hands just don't do what I want them to and I too have had my grinder kick my ass. That top is perfect...
  16. DismalDude

    Does anybody think this is ready to start flushing

    I like that. Flushing isn't the word I would use either,I prefer ripen whereas I stop some nutrients when getting close and use others to ripen even more gradually decreasing them until the last two weeks of plain water. I've ripened with NFTG to finish on at least 2-3 grows and it was excellent...
  17. DismalDude

    Some amber, 2 maybe 3 weeks more?

    Now seeing the entire plant I would keep chugging along. Look at the buds themselves when inspecting trichomes not sugar leaf. And like some old growers say,"When you think it's ready to chop,go another week." Lol but kinda true.
  18. DismalDude

    Does anybody think this is ready to start flushing

    That is a debate that people have staked their lives on. I've tried both ways several times now with salt based nutrients and without. It ultimately comes down to personal preference so do a few runs trying both methods and see what you like. ;)
  19. DismalDude

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Had to throw one more up of the Gorilla Cookies at 51 in flower.
  20. DismalDude

    Some amber, 2 maybe 3 weeks more?

    When I see amber and it's like that on most of the bud, I harvest. You get a lot of feedback on when to harvest along with what effects it will give you but at 5 to 10% amber is very ideal. In all honesty when they are all milky with no clear is an optimum time to harvest as well. IMHO...
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