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  1. BudBogart

    too dry buds,need help

    You can toss a flour tortilla in with the buds and buds will absorb the moisture without issue.
  2. BudBogart

    Is Growing Marijana That Difficult?

    Pretty much like any other plant. I grow outdoors, get 10 footers every year. Common gardening sense goes a long way. Not over feeding, not pulling all the leaves off thinking I’m helping nature improve the plant, etc. Kids, lol.
  3. BudBogart

    Plastic bucket curing - anyone done it before? Or anything larger than mason jars?

    I did 15 minutes a day last year. I’m doing like two minutes a day this time. Takes very little to burp.
  4. BudBogart

    rain water can ruin my buds????

    I guess it depends on how hard it rains. The water won’t dissolve the trichomes but hard enough water 💦 pressure can. I just checked all of my plants for trichomes development and didn’t notice the light rain did any damage.
  5. BudBogart

    Plastic bucket curing - anyone done it before? Or anything larger than mason jars?

    I use two standard aquarium pumps. One is 12 valve, the other 6 valve. It takes very little air to burp the containers. Bought off Amazon.
  6. BudBogart

    Help, Should i harvest or not?

    I leave mine out in the rain until they finish. After a storm I shake them off and sometimes use a leaf blower to further dry them.
  7. BudBogart

    Am I on track with flowering?

    All looks fine to me. Best of luck for some nice buds.
  8. BudBogart

    First organic soil grow help with down to earth nutrients

    I don’t have a feeding schedule per se when using blood and bone meal. The langbenite is ground rock, so you’re good there. When the plants are ready for flower, I top dress with a bit more bone meal to bump the phosphorus.
  9. BudBogart

    Is this plant a male

    That looks like what I refer to as a stem calex, certainly not the right name, but I get them on my female plants. I found a seed inside one.. Never have gotten a male from Barney’s feminized seed. I think your fine, but of course, watch her.
  10. BudBogart

    Let's see your 2021 Outdoor Plants!

    Thanks for the tip!
  11. BudBogart

    Let's see your 2021 Outdoor Plants!

    Here too, they willlove the light rain. With this smoke and ash, I’ve been spraying down the plants with water. You will be fine.
  12. BudBogart

    Harvest now or in a week

    Unless you have a completely dialed in dry room keeping the temperature and humidity just right I would leave them in the ground for the week.
  13. BudBogart

    Best seed banks people have used?

    I’ve been using The Choice Seedbank for several years with never a problem. We are in California, always received in a timely manner. They have seeds from hundreds of breeders.
  14. BudBogart

    Let's see your 2021 Outdoor Plants!

    Every one is 7-10 feet tall and nice forms. One blue gelato has bad aphids, sprayed with spinosad, gonna get some insecticidal soap in the morning. Terrible forest fire smoke, but getting better. Blue Gelato, Shiskaberry, Dos I dos, LSD and one chongs choice L.A. amnesia. Using fish spray...
  15. BudBogart

    near harvest, plant not healthy, harvest or let her go longer

    If buds are drying out on the branches it will be very harsh and dry bud. I can’t tell by picture, just telling my experience.
  16. BudBogart

    Has anyone used light deprivation for 48 hours to force flower?

    As I read this I am hunkered down in my home under mandatory evacuation for the past 17 days due to raging forest fires with the National Guard posted at the end of my road preventing anyone back into our properties once we leave. Gotta keep the girls watered! Nah, I’ve gotta give Louisiana a...
  17. BudBogart

    bottom branch separating from main stalk

    Yes, tie it up. You want to put them back together best as you can. Happens to me too. When you raise monsters your gonna see carnage.
  18. BudBogart

    Let's see your 2021 Outdoor Plants!

    I thought I was done being emotional, but you have touched me. We are absolutely fine financially, etc. The emotional side is still reeling, currently feeling guilty that we are okay when so many friends and neighbors have lost it all. But you are terrific. Thank you for feeling it.
  19. BudBogart

    Let's see your 2021 Outdoor Plants!

    Thank you very much.
  20. BudBogart

    Let's see your 2021 Outdoor Plants!

    We live in a forest in California. We have been under mandatory evacuation for 2weeks now due to forest fires. The giant fire, capable of spreading 10 miles overnight made it within 3 miles of our ranch with nothing but trees between us and the fire. Wind shifted and we think we will make it...
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