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  1. Feijao

    Ptsd Diagnosis

    Anyone know of any friendly docs out there that will help you get approved with a PTSD diagnosis? For anyone that has been approved with PTSD. Can you tell me about your experience? Thanks,
  2. Feijao

    Gavita Enhanced 600 Vert?

    Does anyone know if the Gavita Enhanced 600 HPS bulb can be ran vertically (universal)? If not are than any bulbs that will work vert in the Digistar 600e? Thanks
  3. Feijao

    Adding Overdrive and BB to my HG nutes

    After seeing all of you guys using Overdrive and Big Bud with great success I have a question. I already have the entire H&G line and was planning on using it but would like to add Overdrive and Big Bud this time around. If I were to add both would I need to drop a couple of the H&G products...
  4. Feijao

    Sour Bubble X Train Wreck (S1)?

    Can anyone tell me what the seeds of this cross would be called (F1) (BX) (S1) type names and what to look out for if I am able to produce the seeds?
  5. Feijao

    Wattage on during veg question

    If I were to do a 1000 or 1200 watt grow in scrog what would be the best number of watts to use during veg? It seems as though most guys use less watts during veg. Do plants require less watts during veg? Thanks,
  6. Feijao

    Bio vs. RDWC vs. Under Current

    I am looking to do a hydro grow pretty and was looking for some info on these systems. Pros and Cons of each system would be awesome. I was thinking of either building a RDWC but then after seeing another grow using the UC system I am almost just wanting to spend the extra cash on it...
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