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    who is the best breeder

    og was located in canada. nevil, shanti, chimera....anyone who does real work, not just clone mashing.
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    finally going to be legal if your diein

    unfortunately none of us will be The location mentioned for chesterfield has a license to grow 10,000 ounces of pot a month. don't think they'll be running low anytime soon.
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    NJ Bill to DECRIMINALIZE MJ possesion (NOT Medical)

    here is the actual legislation, first I have seen of it its a pain in the ass to read cuz it's sideways, but the basic jist of it is, first time possesion of 15 grams or less will be a $150 fine, second...
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    Whats the best White Fire Pheno?

    There's your answer right there. K+ It would pretty much result in what you already have with the original wifi beans, just ever so slightly more like those two. It's not going to magically be some new stabilized strain, and will present itself in large enough numbers to be almost...
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    ogr's white s1

    ill follow too.
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    HOLLYWOOD HAZE- anyone growing it?

    ok so I managed to pick up a pack from the logic auction, but only found one thread in here. shocked more people wouldn't grow it. any pics or infos?
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    NJ Bill to DECRIMINALIZE MJ possesion (NOT Medical)

    While our governor may be a complete anti-pot zealot, it seems our elected representatives have a more forward thinking approach toward marijuana, both medical and in general. when the bill is posted, it will be listed here---> Currently that page just lists the bills sponsors, people who I...
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    WiFi #1 Round 2

    good luck. tagging in.
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    NJ doctor tells judge he's 'guilty as sin' of growing pot, smoking joints Former Chatham doctor says he grew marijuana, smoked it 30 times a day Published: Thursday, March 10, 2011, 7:29 AM Updated: Thursday, March 10, 2011, 7:30 AM The Associated Press A Morris County, NJ doctor...
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    Nj public comment period on law till april 23!! And latest news!

    i think it is important we pay close attention to this fact. WE MUST send letters to the legislature. WE MUST capitalize on this momentum. WE MUST get better laws. I re-propose my 3 ideas from the first post as a starting point. WE MUST be clear headed when writing. Do not sound like cheech...
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    Nj public comment period on law till april 23!! And latest news!

    update on the Hearing interesting video done by the Star-Ledger paper has interview with the bill's writer as well in here. worth checking it out. Ok im trying to link to the vid, but its a java thing on the page above. cant link to it. __________________
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    Nj public comment period on law till april 23!! And latest news!

    PLEASE KEEP THIS THREAD FREE OF "oh NJ law sucks i'm just gonna blah blah blah.." POSTS, THEY ARE NOT CONSTRUCTIVE AND WILL NOT LEAD TO A BETTER LAW. There was a public hearing in trenton this past MONDAY MARCH 7th 2011 in Trenton. I will try to find the video, but a news search of...
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    when does new jersey get medical weed

    Hey guys, posting a thread in here, check it out, has the latest on jersey law, AND THEY ARE TAKING PUBLIC OPINIONS TILL APRIL 23!!!! PLEASE WRITE IN A LETTER DEMANDING FAIRER LAWS(see my thread). thanks
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    Chemdog Still Around?

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    Blue Dream

    where can i get riot s1s?
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    Cali Connection

    The CVK will be great. just feed it lots.
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    when does new jersey get medical weed

    found some stuff about the new NJ law, worth checking out. A public comment period will being on or about February 22, DO NOT COMMENT BEFORE THAT, they dont count it. worth a look, if your into that kind stuff is the bill they are using now, not an OFFICIAL copy, that will be out in the NJ...
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    Real d vs fake d

    I used PBP on some CVKs last year for the first time, and they LOVED it. definitely keep that cal-mg handy!
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    Outdoor Deadheads

    damn that sucks man! nice of em to offer them back, haha. enjoy the smoke man. Im trying to decide on Deadhead or CVK again, cant wait to see your results.
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    2nd Grow: Septa-A-Trois 7 Strain HeadStashGrow

    Long time no see man! good ass job as always!!
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