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  1. deach

    Sinister Seeds

    Where does one fin Where does one find sinister seeds?
  2. deach

    For Sale Sin City Seeds for sale

    Congrats on the win :) . Are there still some for sale, Id be interested in a few
  3. deach

    Sin City Seed/strain Experience/suggestion

    I absolutely love Cancer's nightmare, been growing it for a few years now. That being said, I got absolutely nothing out of 15 this year, compared to 100% germ rate from the 30 seeds of other breeders. I was messaging someone at Sincity who confirmed the serials on my pack and said they'd...
  4. deach

    High Cbd Anybody?

    I've been growing Cancer's Nightmare for the last 2 years, I love it. Originally I picked them up by chance, because I wanted to try something high in CBD on a supposed 1:1 ratio. In the end it has turned out to be my favorite strain so far. The taste has something to do with it, varies from...
  5. deach

    Love is the Law

    Love is the Law
  6. deach

    Chocolate Thai

    So, it's about 6 years later, does anyone have any Chocolate Thai reports? Hazeman is offering F3 Chocolate Thai these days. I'm wondering how long long outdoors :)
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