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    Drugs Raid At UK Chicken Factory

    That's funny stuff! I gotta find me some of those reports. I see the reports being "record" busts and abandoned houses used, but none tying them to the equivalent of cocaine. Before long, OTC drugs will be called the gateway drugs to weed!
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    Well I'm here

    Welcome Frog! Glad to meet ya!
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    Im in...

    I've been off the board for a while, just getting back into things- it's nice to see SOL sending out some gear. I'm glad their working on Blockhead again. I've never had the pleasure, but it's tops on almost everyone's list. Hopefully I can join the ranks of the converted!
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    Im in...

    Ahh - I was thinking something like a med club or something to that effect. But I am still interested in BB's favorite seedbank!
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    Im in...

    This is definitely the place to be. Welcome! What seedbank is embracing the farmer?
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    Pot gardens an 'ecological disaster'

    After reading that article, that point of view did not cross my mind, but it's absolutely true! Thanks for that perspective, Chimera!
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    THCfarmer Auctions Open Friday 27th

    Here's to hoping I can snag one of the KKSC S1's! I'll be 3 hours late to the party due to work and commute. Hopefully the wife won't want to meet out for dinner on the way home also! BTW- I'm glad to hear you're a computer expert Logic! That pornstar in a prison yard analogy certainly...
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    Welcome AnnaC AND Sparobis! Glad to see you over here. I think this environment will suit your styles much better!
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    Hi guys

    Glad to have you aboard the good ship thcfarmer! I'm new myself, so always interested in experienced advice!
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    not famous

    Hey there MileHigh! Glad to make your acquaintance!
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    Hey guys!

    Hey Concept! Yeah- the vibe here is feeling awesome!
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    Hello ....

    Hey SS/AG- Gorgeous pic. Welcome!
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    A breath of fresh air!

    Ahh- people getting together for a common passion....what a great thing. I'm ready for positivity abound! Let's get our grow on!
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