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    how much are dispensaries paying for a pound?

    Indoor, 100% organic, nicely manicured, big smell, great taste. Put down just about all the strains they had there. Granted, this was the only club owner I talked to that day and he was a total cutty who looked like he just got out of jail. I would think 32 would be a fair number.
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    how much are dispensaries paying for a pound?

    If you're getting 25-28 for blue dream, you're doing well considering it's probably the most flooded strain on the market and has weak potency to boot. Every single dispensary has blue dream - need to bring something more unique to get a better price.
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    Ok so just wanna know the story on the 100 dollar og cuz im stumped

    Having smoked both BPs OG and Tahoe OG, I don't think they're at all the same. BPs had little smell or flavor but looked 100% OG. The Tahoe had a huge lemony/pinesol/fuel nose on it and big flavor.
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    The lab of jaws!!

    Yeaaaa boy. Someone's happy ^ From what I can tell, you are doing good things with these ladies, as usual.
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    Cherry Pie

    I got some Cherry Slyder from a club recently, just to try. It smelled super delicious and it was all around solid bud. They sold it to me as CHerry Pie, but said they changed the name to sell better.
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    how much are dispensaries paying for a pound?

    Hmm. Those are some pretty low prices being thrown around, but then again, in the grand scheme of things the price per pound is always pretty damn good. I spoke with an owner in a Vallejo club and he offered 25 cash or 27 fronted for a pound of primo organic white widow. He didn't get it, but...
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    Pure alien and other rarities

    Hey OBs! Glad to see you're still rocking it. I've been hanging out on the edge of the scene for a while and am getting back into it full force. Good to see some familiar faces again.
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    CA grow laws and limits questions....

    pretty sure the CA supreme court ruled last year it was not right for counties to put limits on plants/patient and it should be based on consumption That said, take it with a grain of salt. It's a gray area I'd say.
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    The art of selling (to dispensaries and others)

    I think that overall the prices that have been dropped in this thread are pretty fair. In a market this saturated, we should be happy to get upwards of 4k/lb of top shelf. When you compare it to the 6k they get elsewhere, yea it's not as much, but it's still a heluva a lot more per pound than...
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    Pure alien and other rarities

    Soulie, it's been a while since I peeped your work. Haven't been around much, but I just caught up with this thread, and it seems like you're a busy man. I'm digging some of these strains you're showing us, and hope you have some big plans to do some breeding or something of that sort.
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    list your candy-man gear

    All I gotta say is WOW. You are one organized mofo when it comes to seeds. Then again, I suppose you need to be with that many. Some of that Candy gear sounds super tasty. Nice to see brotha Ink around too.
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    Shark's tank.

    Hey Jaws! I found your thread...nice to see you're still working with some great genetics and always in search of something new and killer. Hope you find a couple (or more) in this run.
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    Stanley Blower Fans

    Not sure, but my buddy next door just got a 4" vortex and it is rated at a pitiful 178 cfm or something rather low. I noticed they go up significantly with size, i.e. my old 10" one was rated in high 700s for cfm and a 12" pulls way over 1000 That said, I LOVE the stanley fans and similar...
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    Killer Queen

    will be keeping my eye on this one. That's one strain I always wanted to run.
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    Hi gang its chemdog

    Chem bro what's up? I've been a huge fan since the first puff of the D back in Western MA almost seven years ago. I'm so happy to see you active on this board, and to hear that things are going well for ya. It's time to put all the BS behind you and keep moving forward. You got a huge backbone...
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    Agent orange

    dude nicely done, esp under the fluoros. And fwiw, I agree that citric acid can play a crucial role in your plants flavor, but it won't bring a citric smell on. That's up the plant. I can say that it basically helps with the krebs cycle, which has to do with the plant metabolism, etc...throw...
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    BP's Cut

    Wooooohooo I found it! Dunno if you remember me from the AN forums. BP I was looking for this thread for a while and am glad I found it. Your cuttings look like fire as usual. That lemon fuel looks bomb, and I agree with Burton on dubbing the sk1, "petski". Anyone interested in BPs...
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    snowdog cutting

    Snowdawg has such wonderful aromas and a super nice flavor. I would use the tart, fruity strains to mate with. Don't dull it down with an indica Dom
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    greetings from the east coast

    Welcome aboard. Sorry to hear you got ripped...that's some shit. Time to move indoors!
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    Nothing But Canna Coco

    Damn Ozwizzy...nice setup. Awesome strains and it all looks perfectly healthy. You have come a long way.
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