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  1. kekkeruusi

    Exhausting into same apartment as intake

    Rh 60% might be even desirable when considering optimal VPD. What's your ambient temperature in tent lights on and off? You can always buy second or better dehumidifier. You can also reduce amount of water you put during last weeks flushing or not. Rh 60% is manageable with thorough and good...
  2. kekkeruusi

    First time coco run, Please help🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Let it grow. Miscoloured leaves are quite usual at this stage when growing from seed.
  3. kekkeruusi

    First time coco run, Please help🙏🏽🙏🏽

    And get the humidifier! :D
  4. kekkeruusi

    First time coco run, Please help🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Run off EC/ppm is good indicator for what's happening in the root zone. You can convert your ppm to EC from picture I posted above. EC is the first one which is measured in millisievert (mS). No need for calmag If you're using tap water and coco specific nutrients with relatively high starting...
  5. kekkeruusi

    First time coco run, Please help🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Coco itself demands calcium and magnesium to saturate cation exchange sites. This prevents release of sodium from coco coir. So, you need to add calmag to your nutrient solution until ec is 0,4 mS. Always add calmag first and base nutrients after that. 
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    Sexing help and advice needed!

    No balls yet, give some more time.
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    Help, First Grown In Coco

    Nothing to worry about. They will continue growing once roots hits bottom of the bag. At this point it’s not wise to water them with normal run off but just keep the top moist and ec reasonable. Otherwise they are looking fine! :)
  8. kekkeruusi

    What's YOUR favorite nutrient line? And why?

    Canna works every single time. Especially Coco line gets you great results when everything in environment is dialed in and used in moderation compared to their recommended dosage. Monosilicate from Aptus and Bio Nova are also worth mentioning.
  9. kekkeruusi

    Don't buy from .

    I’ve never had any problems with Seedsman but I’m living in europe. Quality and deliveries have been on point for many many years. Sorry to hear about bad experience.
  10. kekkeruusi

    Understanding percentage of runoff in coco

    20% from the water you put in. Just make sure that coco stays fully saturated.
  11. kekkeruusi

    Understanding percentage of runoff in coco

    You could measure your run off ec and see if it’s in correct range when compared to nutrient solution ec. If you’re fertigating with ec 1.5 your run off ec should stay within 1.5-1.8. If it gets higher than desired just increase watering frequency or fertigate with 1/3 strength nutrient solution...
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    Help ,how to i save my plants,

    Looks like spider mite infestation. Oil based insecticides combined with predatory mites are your best bet. High relative humidity decreases their rate of reproduction. Immediate action needed!
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    Flower looks odd to me

    It’s about genetics. Nothing to worry about.
  14. kekkeruusi

    Has anyone ever seen this on leaves?

    Thrips are quite common pest and the issue needs to be sorted asap. My advice is to use predatory mites and insecticide. Google how to get rid of thrips and ask further advice when you need to. It’ll be hard to eradicate them but easy to get in control. BAC Vitality plus is good product for...
  15. kekkeruusi

    Has anyone ever seen this on leaves?

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