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    low odor strain suggestion por favor

    I hear the last guy but ORtega has great taste and NO odor. It's hard to find so get yourself some nice dutch genetics, anything that isn't THseeds or greenhouse should not only have the weakest smell ever but also lack flavor and potency as pure sugar suggested. LUI is supposed ortega cross...
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    bud eating green caterpillars

    This sounds weird but I find hand picking the mo foes off works best, we had them on a 99 plant outdoor grow on the klamath and after years of spray old joe said to hand pick. He fed his plants more chemicals than I have ever seen so it was strange he recommended hand picking. Good luck with...
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    Rogue Valley Oregon New Grower

    Home boy is right with sour d it gets massive but lags on the finish. I have a champagne sour d cross the finishes quick smells and taste is fantastic. The biggest plants I saw were out between happy camp and cave j, they were 20ft tall yielded over 10 pounds a pop smelled and tasted like...
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    World 2010 Guerilla Grow Show & Think Tank

    Tobor, dig your style bro. Love the corn shots, Im in far norcal and we don't have corn rows but we have a lot of forest. I have been working with strains that nug up in slight shade, williams wonder seems to be champ, blueberrry crosses due well too. Any thoughts on other strains known to be...
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    Can I use bone/blood meal outside?

    Watch out with blood and bone as most sources are from commercial cattle best not to support that crap but besides that MAD COW disease can come from it as reported last year in sunset as well as martha living and washington post blah blah blah. Bat guano (high N, and high P) as well as seaweed...
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    autoflowering strains

    I am interested in lowryder for hash production, seems like u could naturalize it and get 3 plus harvest relatively fast. I have recently bred a williams wonder x early girl that I am trying indoor at the moment before I run it out. The williams goes to flower under 16hr. I wish I had crossed it...
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    Possible Bug Problem? (pic)

    Fungus is usually a ventilation problem and or humidity. Fungicide will nock that off. increase air circulation and listen to the last dudes post on mycelium.
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    Transplanted too early? help!

    I like to gradually bump size to encourage dense root growth. There is nothing wrong with planting in big containers especially if you are going to mother her or go outside. More root space more room to grow. Indoors I like to go from clone to 1.5gal then 3 gal for flower. Outside I use 35gal...
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    I agree with zoe. Azitrol and azimax are great as a drench. Also nematodes if your in cali near a hydro shop. Those micro beasts will end the cycle after your sprays. Thrips are the worst!!! Never had 'em. Oh if your deep in flower just get them next veg no point in ruining the buds with a...
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    first time hydro grow...poor performing plants

    I would start off with the flush as stated but I would have a tendency to switch to a nutrient program that has directions and a schedule to follow. People trying to customize hydro formulas usually end up with a less than complete nutrients and all sorts of other problems. If you stick to a...
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    Is this Heat Stress or nute lockout?

    Looks like heat curl to me, not bad though. They will b fine. the upward angle the leaves have is indicative of healthy growth. Nooch lock out and or deficiency will usually show some color/spots or tip burn.
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    Hello from Sacto

    I have tried some c4 before and was amazed at the quality, anyone know the lineage
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    Drooping leaves, specific to one strain out of many.

    I mixed in about 1/3 coco fiber, I use pre rinsed then rinse myself and pre inoculate with mycelium. they dry out about every three days or so. I water when the bags are light when I pick them up but before they droop. I feed with humboldt nooch every other time and i'm on moderate schedule. My...
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    The Best Way To Germinate New n Old Seeds?

    Nor cal indo/outdo germy method So first off age matters, oxidation and what not are a beast and will kill your germination rate but if you soak them for 24-48 hrs before hand in pure, room temp water it helps. I find the paper towel method (4 folded 4 times soaked again in pure water) works...
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    Drooping leaves, specific to one strain out of many.

    So I have a new room 8x12 with one 1000w 1/2 of the room in production and I'm cycling 6 plants every 2 weeks from floro to the hps in the flower room. I use humboldt nutrients organic moderate schedule and I switch between water and feed, waiting of course for the prime soil weight by hand...
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