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    Lost Everything "please help if you can"

    I'm down and out and need some help. I lost everything sad to say. 20k flower room down the drain. My partner and i believe it was the landlord renting us out the property. There was no forced entry and he's the only one who could possibly know the cycle of the plants since he has a key to the...
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    Thseeds Darkstar. (Finished)

    Any pics?
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    Help me finish her off. White Urkle

    Absolutely worth adding Supplemental lighting works wonders
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    I say hi from the Darkside

    Welcome to the farm :)
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    clone queen ?

    Stay far away from Clone Queen or THC Plant
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    Hello Farmers

    Welcome to the farm Natty McKush
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    Bulb Replacement, how often?

    If possible every two cycles
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    Transplanting 28" plants?

    From a 1-gallon to a 2-gallon pot? Sprinkle some great white or caps bennies on the roots during transplant. This seems to help with transplant shock very much
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    BushyOG? ;)

    Welcome BOG :headphone:
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    How many fans?

    For 6 plants i would just put 4 osciallting fans You could put more but 4 should be suffiecient enough
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    Sour Sister & Cali Con Tahoe OG

    I hope that sour sister throws you some dank Looking forward to the show :)
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    Full time grower, new to the farm

    Welcome to the farm PuregenetiKs Good looking space for sure Looking forward to seeing more of your work
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    Welcome To The Farm CloudOfMercy
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    hello friends

    Welcome to the farm william76 :)
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    RIOT SEEDS, The New Cool Breeder ?????

    Years ago i ran his gear. Local pickup direct from matt. It was legit and diggity dank just can't remember what the genetics were
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    Nice as i've ran some riot gear before Can you get a close-up of the trichomes? I see buds i see leaves but where's the triches Close-up would be greatly appreciated
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    hi y'all, my first grow :)

    Welcome to the farm Jazzy Dabs :)
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    Renting Forest Space

    Pre existing on the 6k a month grow yeah and i'd stay clear of that one for sure but the 11k grow was brand spanking new. 20-tons of AC and all equipment except pots or tables or your method for growing. Even if the owner spent 25k to set it up and 3k every month for electricity and water costs...
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    Renting Forest Space

    Nah it's cool. If you owned the building and purchased all the equipment for lets say 15k and would pay $1000 month for electricity and charge 6k per month for rent then you would make roughly 50k a year for doing nothing. Sounds like a good investment to me. The following year you would pull in...
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    Renting Forest Space

    I just saw one for 11K a month and another for $6k a month. Warehouse with all equipment and includes electricity Are you in Socal or Norcal?
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