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  1. ezenzyme

    Biochar thread, someone school me up!!

    Hey folks, thru what i have been reading and following i think its time to take the step up and get some BIOCHAR happening in my life. Well i have about 10k gal of soil to amend and have decided that the most viable path for me is using some lump charcoal, in my neck of the woods there is a...
  2. ezenzyme

    Know about lime? Calicum Carbonate, Magnesium Carbonate?

    Who knows about Lime? There are a few different limes available and used in agriculture; Agricultural lime is ground Calcium Carbonate i.e limestone, the interwebs says good stuff will have around 37% calcium in it. Calcium Carbonate is primarily composted of Calcium, Carbon and Oxygen...
  3. ezenzyme

    Help my RSO will not break down!!!

    Like the title says i cannot get my RSO to break down in alcohol different than everclear(like brandy for a nice tincture) or into Glycerin! I have a source turbo which cooks it a lil bit while it seperates the oil, i have been rockin quick wash methods with pretty nice and clean results. But i...
  4. ezenzyme

    The old guard breeders starting to drop, whats next?

    With the sad passing of BOG, Nevill and Franco, and many others who started this whole movement by breeding the legendary genes that set the stage for us to play on. Now theres a new generation of breeders and growers starting to stand up! As a upstanding member of this new generation i would...
  5. ezenzyme

    Lets talk about Rock Dusts

    Whos got the know? Most of you use some kind of rock dust, glacial rock dust, volcanic dust, greensand, azomite, lime; hydrated, fine, dolomoite, calicum carbonate, rock phosphate, to name a a few. Chime on in here! Who uses what for what applications? Who knows the science behind it?
  6. ezenzyme

    Strange small leafs and not growing well

    This plant has been growing and looks healthy but hasnt shot up like everyone else. The growth is healthy and green not showing any def and stems are very woody. She is in a coco/peat compost and lava rock/pearlite mix at 1/3 each. I am feeding compost teas, and alfalfa teas with a top dressing...
  7. ezenzyme

    Lactic Acid Bacteria/ Fermented grain

    Yo yo yo! I know some folks on here talk about lactic acid and have heard a few different ways of culturing your own....Well i am doing seed sprouted teas this year, and have found a rather expensive option from our local health foods store. Its organic sprouting barley un hulled, and in that...
  8. ezenzyme

    Pot size affect yield?

    Hello all! Does pot size effect yield? In my case i have been running 65 to 200 gal pots, and i think that upping to a 600 will increse plant size and therefore yield. BTW this 600 is huge ten feet across and 35in deep approx
  9. ezenzyme

    Organic outdoor 2020!

    Hello, this is my first thread so heres the low; first year going full organic after spending much time staring at BAS and MO on the web, not to mention late nights chasing down coots recipes. Third real season; started by growing outdoor hydro....Coco and bottled nutes, fox farm mainly. They...
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