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  1. shaggyballs

    Agsil16h Or Grow-sil

    I will bet if it says “does not work with dicot” then it does not. Labels dont have all the listed ingredients because if they did they would be pulled form the shelves. There are many examples of this in the hydro industry today. The FDA regulates what goes on a lable and it will not lie, it...
  2. shaggyballs

    How to tell a quality yucca from the poor

    Any updates?
  3. shaggyballs

    Florel And Cytokinin Experiment

    Any updates on this experiment?
  4. shaggyballs

    Marijuana Regulators Target Home Cultivation

    Nice update Seamaiden, happy B day to you also!
  5. shaggyballs

    Marijuana Regulators Target Home Cultivation

    Marijuana Regulators Target Home Cultivation Since its founding, NORML has advocated that statewide legalization efforts – whether through a ballot initiative or using the legislative process – should ideally include provisions that permit and protect the act of home cultivation by marijuana...
  6. shaggyballs

    Cheap alternatives to overpriced hydroponic nutrients

    Assuming no trickery ....
  7. shaggyballs

    Plant Available Silicon, Soluble Silicon In Fertilizer Sources, Aafpco Approved Method

    Hey there PhatNuggz! On any of the Canna boards, it is a good idea to get into the habit of asking very specific questions, otherwise people just won't take the time to answer a question if they are not sure what exactly you are asking. People ask the silliest things and some of the more...
  8. shaggyballs

    Osa Nutrient Additive Out Of Rhode Island! Is 5 Gallons Worth $4700?

    I love me a good debate..... I think the real deal is stabilized silica is the cats ass for ease of use, but your gonna pay for it! Agsil powder is for cheap asses like me that are willing to do extra work to save money. Using Agsil powder you may have to add more frequent applications, but...
  9. shaggyballs

    Auscann Medicinal Cannabis Giant To Begin Exporting Cannabis To Other Countries! Big Pharma Only.

    So some of you still believe there will be no corporate take over in the cannabis sector right???? What do you think about your medical cannabis being supplied by BIG PHARMA? From a foreign country, no less! Well get ready for it! Or they may just move into your neighborhood and monopolize and...
  10. shaggyballs

    Gibberellic Acid???

    Please post pics, if you use 400 mg/l AKA 400 ppm your plants will stretch themselves to death. But if your gonna try I wanna watch! Best of luck bro. Shag
  11. shaggyballs

    Gibberellic Acid???

    I think he means to use it at extremely low concentrations or meet the stretch monster. Also parts per billion is probably a good start. If you can please let us know what you find out. Peace Shag
  12. shaggyballs

    Different Types And Kinds Of ,bud Hardners.

    The secret to all these products is hormones like BAP ect. I buy powdered hormones on ebay real cheap, screw the hydro store!
  13. shaggyballs

    (Fatman's) DIY nutrient mixing guide

    fatman is long gone, but maybe someone else can help, good luck shag
  14. shaggyballs

    Scorpion Juice knockoff

    I found this on ebay.
  15. shaggyballs

    Home Made Bud Factor X

    Thats the worst kind, I feel ya! Very, very sorry to hear that. Wishing you many ice packs dear sir! Peace to ya bro, thanks again! Shag
  16. shaggyballs

    Humboldt County Purple Maxx

    Hey toquer Sorry if I came across as harsh, my statement was not directed at you. I am very glad you did not take it personal as it was not meant to be at all. I do appreciate the advice also. It has been my experience with labeling jargon most companies will purposely mislead you. And for a...
  17. shaggyballs

    How to tell a quality yucca from the poor

    Bump for some sources of Quillaja saponaria. I think a yucca and Quillaja saponaria would be killer combo and cheap too. Anybody??
  18. shaggyballs

    Home Made Bud Factor X

    Ya! thats the one, thanks a ton bro!! Thanks again Kygiacomo you are the man! A guy over at Icmag called Only Ornamental took me to school on this stuff already. I suffer from severe Migraine head aches, so my brain is a bit like swiss cheese at times but I try to keep good notes. I will see...
  19. shaggyballs

    Humboldt County Purple Maxx

    That protein, more speculation??? Why is it we find half truth everywhere. People saying I know the secret but I ain't tellin'....WTF. Seems to be a trend though. I thought we all come here to share knowledge, not create more mystery. We got people claiming years of formulator knowledge telling...
  20. shaggyballs

    Home Made Bud Factor X

    Hey there ! Kygiacomo It's all coming back to me now, you were my inspiration for this thread, right? You had a link to a VID correct? I wanna give it a shot. You still got the link there buddy? So let me get this straight you have or have not tried mixin' your own? I have never tried BFX, too...
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