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  1. NorCalGal

    Harvest now or in a week

    Dear Farmers, I have to take a trip to the east coast for a week. I leave tomorrow. This is an outdoor plant (AK47) and we have a few more 100+ degree days ahead. If it were you, would you harvest before leaving town?
  2. NorCalGal

    Help with nutrient deficiency ID

    Does anyone have ideas on what I might be looking at here? Some of the leaves are both variegated and also twisted. This had been only on older leaves but I've now seen it on a few newer ones as well. The closest thing I can find by looking at charts is possibly a zinc deficiency.
  3. NorCalGal

    Bet this is a new one

    I have a question that I'm guessing has not been asked before. Let me preface the question by saying I have an outdoor AK47with two top colas standing at 200 cm/79 inches tall. This is only my second grow and last year was a nightmare due to caterpillar infestation. I literally threw away pounds...
  4. NorCalGal

    Auto flowering much too early

    Help! This is my first season growing auto flower. I've got 4 plants (seeds started 4/1) that appear to be going into flower. The other plants, which are photo-period seem ok. I've been moving them around chasing sunlight, but I don't understand why the autos would do this. I had come out to...
  5. NorCalGal

    It's not a matter of if I should rinse, but when

    Fellow Farmers, Although my NorCal outdoor grow was not directly affected by the wildfires, it has had a great deal of ash dropped on it. A few weeks ago I gave them a vigorous shake to clean them but more ash has dropped and they've since started developing some resins so I don't think it would...
  6. NorCalGal

    Is it time to harvest?

  7. NorCalGal

    Lights other than overhead

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has any experiencing bouncing light rather than having it overhead. I have a difficult time bringing myself to prune properly, and now my ladies have grown too tall (over 7 feet with pots) for the space I planned (rather poorly) to bring them into for flowering...
  8. NorCalGal

    Oops, I need a Plan B!

    was planning on ordering LED blurple lights today in preparation of bringing my outdoor plants inside for flowering. I obviously should have "planned" better because three of my potted plants are at 80" and the ceiling is only 94". I know I should have topped them a long time (about 12 nodes)...
  9. NorCalGal

    Oops, I need a Plan B!

    ***Edit: Hm, looks like I can edit but not delete. I realized this should probably not go under lights so have copied it onto another thread. I was planning on ordering LED blurple lights today in preparation of bringing my outdoor plants inside for flowering. I obviously should have "planned"...
  10. NorCalGal

    Seeking Light Suggestions

    Hello Farmily, My ladies have been soaking up the sun for several weeks now, and I've really enjoyed having them on my patio. They've been grown in pots, partly because I thought I might want to bring them indoors before they become aromatic. It seems that time is on the horizon (so...
  11. NorCalGal

    Too late to top?

    I've approached them several times, intent on making the cuts, but the shears always become heavy in hand when I look at the sprightly new growth emerging to greet the sun. It's not just on the cannabis that I lack the conviction to do proper pruning. I'm sure I would have more confidence if...
  12. NorCalGal

    Hello Fellow Farmers!

    Hello Fellow Farmers, As the name implies, I'm from Northern California, Central Valley region, urban area. This will be my third season of growing, but the first two crops were treated pretty much like weeds, and responded in kind. Last year I had four plants and got 1 oz between them. This...
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