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  1. Prime C

    Assistance With Pale, Slow Growth, Red Stems - Coco/perlite - Gh Cocotek Nutrients

    Probably just a PH problem or they are to cold. Check your runoff PH next watering. Are you using RO water?
  2. Prime C

    Beds Are For F***ing! Small Pots = Big Buds!

    Id go with cheap nursery pots.
  3. Prime C

    Beds Are For F***ing! Small Pots = Big Buds!

    Im getting that in less than 1 gallon of coco.:borg: Nice looking plant though.
  4. Prime C

    Beds Are For F***ing! Small Pots = Big Buds!

    Im trying Roots Organic coco now no perlite. Stuff is very course, alot more than the GH brick i normally use. Trying to get some char coir now to try out.
  5. Prime C

    Ideal-air Mini Split " Do-it-yourself": Bomb Or Shit?

    I have a 24k unit and Its a POS! Customer service sux!
  6. Prime C

    Rebel Test-orange Peel Ghash

    Rock that bush!
  7. Prime C

    Local sports talk

    But they let Suh go!! stupids Oh how I hate Snatchford! Im on a boycott this year. I wont go out of my way to watch that awful crap. lol
  8. Prime C

    Michigan... Strains, pics, and whatever!

    That Grape Fuego was awesome bro!
  9. Prime C

    Cannabis Cup Michigan

    Mota Rebel 1st place cbd flower Cannatonic Perkins cut!
  10. Prime C

    Cannabis Cup Michigan

    Good times last year!
  11. Prime C

    Come Harvest Time Outdoors

    Why not just put it in bins or totes after its dried then when you have time get to it you can. :) @Bulldog11
  12. Prime C

    Testing Golden Lion Crystal Kush & White Water!

    The White Waters were better all around. Yield and taste were great!
  13. Prime C

    Bashar's First Grow Extravaganja!!!

    Ahhh don't pick on the new guy @Bulldog11 we all gotta start somewhere.;) I fried my first batch of seeds when I started growing again! lol @Bashar Assad
  14. Prime C

    Beds Are For F***ing! Small Pots = Big Buds!

    If your on IG the tlcjungleboys are rockin this style in their grow and killing it! #ROOTBOUNDFTW
  15. Prime C

    A New Level of Confidence

    Its going @SourDank ! Got some stuff coming up soon. Been some bumps in the road lately. Seems I cant trust anyone in my small circle of so-called friends. Got me in a bad mindset. Just need to purge all this negative energy in my life. Or pound someones face in lol. Thats what my thoughts keep...
  16. Prime C

    A New Level of Confidence

    Been a busy summer over here too! Im still grinding bro! What's good Double D!!! That room did not produce what i wanted. I think those Lume Power ballast dont push the way they should. The next system I buy will most likely be Gavita! 3 weeks till the Cup hope to see you guys there!
  17. Prime C

    Canappa's Gutter Grows

    Glad your feeling better!
  18. Prime C

    Rebel Test-orange Peel Ghash

    Nice one Six!
  19. Prime C

    The War on Medical Marijuana in MI Super Thread, NEWS,BUST,LAWS <<<<Updated Often>>>>

    And the fuckery continues! Hartwick/Tuttle Decisions Handed Down From Supreme Court 27 Jul, 2015 Two medical marijuana cases involving poor rulings by Appellate Courts; in both, parts were...
  20. Prime C

    Sixstring's strain hunts

    I can see you down there cuttin it up Six!
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