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    This crazy,crazy Sativa!!!

    Посвещавам тая статия на всички ценители и фенове на . Нека тук бъде място където ще обсъждаме само чисти сатива сортове. Надявам се, че статията ще се хареса на господата JointLover / Coco Brice:party0023:
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    What´s the story behind the real Sour Diesel?

    Hey folks! I am curious ´bout this-who knows the real story of the Sour Diesel- is it a clone only strain or no? Who is the first breeder? Origin ? I saw in the strain list some different breeder´s version and began to wonder.:thinking! May be British Hempire can put some light on the subject...
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    The Union - The Business Behind Getting High

    Искам да Ви покажа един доста интересен филм,поне на мен мн ми хареса надявам се,че и на Вас ще Ви допадне. Enjoy!
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    Another Chemodog DD Grow

    Hey THCFarmers! Just wanna show ya my dogs:cool0010: Right now I am @ day 56 in Flowering under 400w Son-T-Agro with the help of BioBizz So this is my Chemdog DD-I think this is the Sour Diesel pheno but I am not sure.
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    ? on feminised seeds

    Hola amigos!I´ve got a couple of questions and I´ll hope someone could give me the answer. So I´ve decided to try colloidal silver for FS,but is there any chance some hermaphroditic traits to appear? The other question is: Well I spray plant X and this plant pollenats itself so will be...
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    Grapefruit on my window sill

    Well this seed is from a grapefruit bud I have smoked last winter.I do not know from which breeder it is but the smell and the high were awesome! So far this plant is looking like a monster,I top it every 8days(actually I have tried to make FIM but du nou why does not work)cause I don´t want to...
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    Zdr na vsichki!Izvinqvam se,4e ne pi6a na kirilica no prosto nqmam v momenta!Neveroqtno mn se radvam,4e ve4e ima Bg grow forum i to tuk v thcfarmer.S nqkoi ot vas se poznavam ot PROMENA a s dr 6te se zapoznaq sega! Edna snimka ot posledniqt mi proekt White Widow clones! Happy Grow pi4ove!