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    Help! First Grow. Possible Pest?!?

    Hi Everyone! This is our first grow we are growing in 2x2 tent with a 600 Watt Viparspectar LED light in a mix of fox farm ocean forest and mother earth coco plus perlite at 70 30 ratio with additional perlite added and dolomite lime. These two plants are auto flowers Brooklyn Sunrise from seed...
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    HELP! 3x3x6 Tent Ventilation with HPS Cool Tube

    Hi Everyone! This is my Boyfriends & I's first grow we are using a 3x3x6 indoor grow tent we have been vegging out plants with a LED light for flower we are wanting to use a HPS bulb in a 6in cool tube we just purchased. Right now we are venting our tent with a 4in inline fan connected to our...