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  1. Madbud

    Black sugar ants

    Seeing these guys lately, they seem to be going to the buds to feed. Not scavenging dead bugs and no aphids that i can see. They just seem to wander around this plant in particular. Ferts were big bloom then tiger bloom. Some btk a couple weeks ago. Northeast locale, cool and overcast. No...
  2. Madbud

    Pruning early flowers

    In these photos would you cut the top buds or pinch the lower ones on the branch leaving the fans or just let them all grow and tuck or pinch some fans?
  3. Madbud

    New bug with fuzzy tail

    Have seen three of these now(just found two more!). She has been treated with neem and spinosad. Can’t see any damage yet but i figure that feather backside is eggs. Very reactive to any attempt to relocation too. Predator? Springtail? Jumps about a meter when disturbed.
  4. Madbud

    Reveg help

    Dozen plants went outside a little early but only this one is revegging, the others are still putting out 5-11 frond leafs. Going to move her to a shaded spot. I guess i could cover her at night to give less morning light. Anybody?
  5. Madbud

    75 Watt Metal Halide

    so i was just gifted a box full of 75 watt lamps and fixtures from the last century, are these doing any good in veg? Should i remove the lens on the fixture? Which lamp style is best? Thanks
  6. Madbud

    Spring Has Sprung

    these are my Easter giveaways, coffee cans with only the lid on the bottom. Dig a hole, remove the lid and plant the can.
  7. Madbud

    Germinated 25 Out Of 25

    Tried something new and it works great! Solo cup of jiffy seedling soil inside a coffee can with the lid on, 1 seed each. Put the whole bunch in a box in front of a steam radiator for warmth and 48-96 hours later every one has sprouted. Next step is to take the bottom off the cans, put the lid...
  8. Madbud

    Seed Markings?

    What are the dark markings on beans? Can’t find anything using search.
  9. Madbud

    Ma Opens Tuesday

    The first two recreational dispensaries east of the Mississippi open Tuesday: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bostonglobe.com/news/marijuana/2018/11/16/massachusetts-marijuana-stores-open-tuesday/wyVCtVVKYF3xIheBir8yyN/amp.html
  10. Madbud

    Moldy Pot

    would a cigarette filter make it safe to smoke... asking for a friend
  11. Madbud

    Ice Buds, Wait For A Frost?

    Any reasons not to let these go through a frost like grapes for ice wine?
  12. Madbud

    Name This Bug

    Find any critters lately? Pictures or it didn’t happen
  13. Madbud

    Is This Light Any Good?

    Daughter gave me this for xmas and said its for flowering. I grow outdoor but one plant is struggling with rain and fog so i move it indoors at night. This 12 sq inch light has a pattern of red white and blue LED’s, plugs into 110 outlet. Any good?
  14. Madbud


    Playing around with the infrared thermometer today, air temp is low nineties ‘Merican
  15. Madbud

    Stalk Splitting?

    Has anyone ever actually tried this? Can’t find anything searching the forum but theres a youtube video and orher discussions about shoving a stake through the main stalk after a couple weeks in flower to increase trichomes. I’m willing to skewer one but want to know if anyone has tried this before.
  16. Madbud

    Locked Up?

    soil grow in a bucket. Stopped taking water in the first week of flower. Fans turning yellow, soil is damp. Any advice on getting her to feed again? I placed an additional layer of gravel in the bucket and probed the root ball with a skewer to get some air in.
  17. Madbud

    Damn Little White Flies

    They were a real problemfor me back in the 70’s indoors. Theres a couple on my outdoor grow this year but they dont seem to be doing any damage. Neem oil? I’d rather not but...
  18. Madbud

    Final Topping Or Not?

    Summer Solstice, 3 different girls, tight spacing between nodes. Leaving them is fine but wondering if one last pinch will push the bud sites further. Anyone know what i should do?
  19. Madbud

    Wasted Thoughts

    Two birdbaths draw flocks of wrens and finches all day. Natures insecticide
  20. Madbud

    Stunted New Growth

    These girls went outside a month ago after 18/6 indoor flourescents, so of course they started throwing pistils with 14 hours of daylight to flip them. Also the nights have been cold in the high 40’s. Are these girls confused or frigid?