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  1. Jack og

    Spam and or advertisements for marijuana or seed sales

    Anyone breaking TOU will be bounced, without notice. We cannot tolerate illegal activity or any activity that violates our TOU. Get familiar with what the site allows and please don’t push the boundaries. We are a help forum and a forum built around individual knowledge. Work within that frame...
  2. Jack og

    Sorry for the absence

    Hello all I’ll be in lurk mode next 2 weeks, my Mother in law lost her battle to cancer on Tuesday this week and we have funeral on Sunday , my activity for next 2 weeks will be limited due to Indian last rites rituals. The scourge of cancer continues to defeat our loved ones energizing my...
  3. Jack og

    Happy 420

    Hey ya fellow farmers: Wishing all a happy 420! Enjoy and happy growing Post what yr 420 is going to be like We have a 7lb party! Planned
  4. Jack og

    Bluedream Dj Short Strain

    Well this is going to be just a very simple diary. Seeds are original cut from DJ short. Original Blue dream Started 11-19-18 Special day for me... lol bday. In organic soil, amended with bio biz. Gen purpose fertilizer. Pics as follows . Day 6 straight from soil pop 3rd pic on is from today...
  5. Jack og

    Happy Thanksgiving To All!

    post ya yummy meals Turkey done Habanero with hash oil glaze
  6. Jack og

    Let’s Sea Ya Grow Videos!!

    hey throw up a video of yr grow, bong, or anything weed related . Also testimonials regarding medicinal cannabis!
  7. Jack og

    Suzy Glue Strain

    so ive come across a few clones that are Suzy glue. I haven’t dabbled in the high cbd arena other then Charlottes web. Anyone has any experience with this? Have 200 in flower at the green house but we are phasing it out, but I did bring home some cuts to keep the strain going, question is ...
  8. Jack og

    New Here. Cancer Patient Growing My Own Medicine

    hello all, Jack here New From central coast in California Fighting stage 4 cancers ( yes multiple cancers)( beat 2 , got diagnosed with another a month ago) been through too many rounds of chemo before so, I’m not anymore. So far refusing chemo, going to give RSO a trial, have a commercial...