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  1. wonka

    Need help identifying good or bad?

  2. wonka


    do i need to check the ph with this line???
  3. wonka

    Pro-mix bx

    Have read and looked at so many diff answers on what to ph the water to before feeding into promix.. Is it 5.8-6 or 6.3-6.5?? If you use promix and add just perlite, what do you ph your water to after u add nuts?? W.wonka
  4. wonka

    Shmoez(Kindness) Chem 4 x DuD

    INFO Tester Name : w.wonka Strain : Shmoez(kindness) - Chem 4 x DuD Method Smoked : joint APPEARANCE SMELL Dominant smell of bud : very pungent / over powering when bag/jar is opened Associated smells of bud : B-O, fuel - hard to put a finger on it!!! TASTE Dominant...
  5. wonka


    hope everyone is having a happy n safe holiday.. thought that i would share a look before i was getting ready to water in take cuts.. going to flip these ladies tomorrow... thanks for stopn w.wonka
  6. wonka

    Wonka's Grow.. shmoe's(chem4 x dud) DuD, and Strawberry Bubba

    Wonka's Grow.. shmoe's(chem4 x dud), DuD, and Strawberry Bubba so i picked up a 3 x 3 silver edition hut...will be using a 600 and I will be putting in 14 ladies topped, pinched, and super cropped in 2 gal smart pots.. i will veg them till next sunday and the 14 will be shmoe's( chem4 x dud)...
  7. wonka

    MMA "smack talk"

    like been stated,, this has gone past ufc 100 and instead of posting a thread for every ppv by any organization,,, post your thoughts about anything mma here... speaking of.. i am really hoping that bj does away with ken flo in phili.... although i must say ken flo has looked on top of his...
  8. wonka

    600 or 2-400's

    i have a 3x3 tray that i wanted to use soon and was woundering,, would it be better to put a 600 over it or 2-400's... if i use the 400's i was thinking i could mix up the bulbs if i wanted or not... so which would you farmers do.. the 600 or the 2-400's.. all thoughts are welcome and a big...
  9. wonka

    hydro tents

    i was woundering what people thought of these and if they were worth getting to set up for some grows
  10. wonka


    i have heard many people say they have done it each way... but what way is the right way to kill oder in a filter.. sucking throw or blowing throw.. please any info would be a big help