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  1. Beachwalker

    New grower: is this a hermie plant (sigh) 😭

    Don't kill it, give it to me
  2. Beachwalker

    Power outage- what to do?

    I use 16/8, it's ok to switch
  3. Beachwalker

    I hope everything is okay.

    Not "him", her! ;) Per your request: Consider adjusting the fan so it blows between the light and the plant tops, not directly on the plants, good luck
  4. Beachwalker

    the beach house

  5. Beachwalker

    What are you listening to right now?

  6. Beachwalker

    What are you listening to right now?

  7. Beachwalker

    What are you listening to right now?

  8. Beachwalker

    Plumber's First Coco Grow

    Hello thanks for the reply, the real issue I'm having is I don't know what model to buy to replace the one I have, not the plumbing involved I've worked extensively with hydraulics when I was a contractor but I've never replaced a faucet that I can recall, a few toilets but never a kitchen...
  9. Beachwalker

    the beach house

    Congrats that's a beautiful thing! You still in Vegas?
  10. Beachwalker

    New farmer

  11. Beachwalker

    New farmer

    So if that happened over a few days it's not likely spider mites although that bottom picture looks exactly like mite damage I've had, so check for webbing and little white dots Did somebody else feed them while you were away?
  12. Beachwalker

    Drone problem

  13. Beachwalker

    Advise for flushing

  14. Beachwalker

    Advise for flushing

    Yes at least, your buds have not even swelled up and filled out fully yet, and you want to check trichomes on the bud not on the sugar leaves because sugar leaves ripen faster than bud
  15. Beachwalker

    Advise for flushing

    Do not flush now; your plant has a long way to go, good luck!
  16. Beachwalker

    the beach house

    Without looking it up I think they just started their seventh blooming week, tonight at lights on they'll be fed again at 1000 PPM and I'll start doing some selective trimming of a few fan leaves..
  17. Beachwalker

    A lil help please

    The best way to start budding them would be to switch the light cycle to 12 hours light and 12 hours dark, good luck!
  18. Beachwalker

    Calcium def?

  19. Beachwalker

    Solo Cup Christmas Tree: Who's In?!?

    I hear you! Yesterday was the worst! Friday the 13th so I kind of wasn't surprised :/
  20. Beachwalker

    Is this Nutrient burn?9⁰

    I miss everything you say thanks to the ignore button.