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    Anyway to avoid curing?

    Is there anyway to get around curing? like after i dry my buds can i just cut the stem outta them or anything? thanks in advance for any advice. :)
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    Power outage?

    so this just hit me like a sack of bricks...what in all unholy hell do you do if the power goes out??????? :confused0054:
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    how to control the environment

    so im thinking about having my bud room completely sealed or pretty close to and using humidifiers, ac, and somehow get co2 to the crop. i thought that this would be easy with the right controller but everywhere i look either i find a decent controller or humidifiers and theres always something...
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    Wiring Problems...

    hey all. so im moving into a new house in about a month so i was hoping to figure this problem out before i move. well my grow rooms(veg 8'x8'; bud 7'x25') are going to be in the basement. but the basement isnt completely wired. there are a few outlets in place but im running 4 400w hps plus all...