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    What Would It Taste Like?

    Listing to smoke DZA= crazy glue. What would happen if you crossed OG blueberry( Dj short.) With some kind of OG (TK, Lommpa underdog,.....)
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    Were calling it the Flea Mart of hydro stores.

    A little hydro shop across from dump on elder creek.(gota b cheapest land in town.) 21,000sqft. (though thier only useing less than %30 of space.) %80 knock off from china. %20 namebrand.(think roseville denio's) everything from handsaws----a switchable mh-hps 1000w flip all in one ballest...
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    $60-Azasol=no spidermites

    The new stuff is supposed to be the end all be all. Azaderm powder.%6 Makes 22gal.
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    new cuts

    got sum new cuts from f.h&w.collective. purple trash from lost coast & purple dawg from oaksterdam. anybody have any tip's or experinces with thoes 2. allso mendow afgoo.i did this 1 about 4 years ago.hope its the same 1.
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    2,400 watt vertical

    any help is appreacited. 3 600w lumateks,bare bulb ushios.10k btu lg window ac not needed 1 8in exaust fan sucking thru 8x24incarbon filter,6in intake.18in oscillater. ppm 4,#20co2 20gal ice chest res,750gph h20 pump,gh air pump & cheap bubbling stones. 20 site 4in pvc tube with top feed no...
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    I stumbled on this site looking for beans. started out in 2001 aparment spare room 1 600w. home depot 4in pvc 20 sites. now just sold xxl hoods & went vert 1800w still same 20 site + 20 3gal smart pots. pics to fallow. agin thanx this site seams to have all the info i need.