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  1. half baked

    Stealth crop

    Whats up guys been a while since ive been on the boards but had to come back tried the insta thing and its not for me. Downsized alot from my old days to a converted wardrobe and a 1.2x1.2 tent This is the stealth wardrobe, in here ive got a 600watt cooltube and the area in toal works out...
  2. half baked

    Hb's Home

    yo guys and gals need a new thread for my new set up, just got over my first crop after a lengthy break from growing and got that bug again. Had a few yrs out to get my life in order and I'm back with a bang got my hands on some killer genetics which went into soak last night 5 Hells Angel...
  3. half baked

    Some Help Please Guys!

    hey guys now this isn't grow related but thought I'd ask you guys see if you have experienced what I'm about to go through. The missus has been for the 20 week scan for our baby and it's looking like it will have only one kidney, any research I've done doesn't come back like the end of the world...
  4. half baked

    white romulan!!!

    hey guys and gals, im going gettin a pack of white romulan 2nite and was wondering if any of you guys have grown it out, ive looked but not found anything really, just veg pics/vids any info at all is appreciated :) hb
  5. half baked

    the white x 88 g13/hp test

    evening folks, just put these into cups but thought id start a thread for these gems :) next few days they will be above ground so i'll snap some pics then for ya'll to see, got them in canna terra soil under a 8bulb t-5 unit along side other testers i just started in a 1.2x1.2 this is my...
  6. half baked

    my last thread (i mean it this time lol)

    easi now all, hope all are adjusting well to the new setup :) , in the change ova i seemed to have lost my thread so here we go again, im gonna try and do it a bit more detailed than what ive done in the past ;) so im gonna stick to this single thread for all my future grows and stuff. the...
  7. half baked

    pursang haze x shimla

    well ive had these goin for the last few weeks now, its a test for sonic seeds, i started with 11 beans but due to human error im left with 7 beautiful looking seedlings, they are in 5ltr pots for the time being and im thinking finishing off in 15ltrs, 6 of the 7 are topped cos there was a slow...
  8. half baked

    the room!

    seeing as ive not been around for a while i thought id show ya's what me and my boy have been busy with, the last grow we showed here was the tent, now weve got a room with 3400 watts, we went a lil crazy with the strain selection this time round and have about 15 strains in there lol, 1st up...
  9. half baked

    half's test thread for hazeman!

    now then people, ive not been around for a while but im back lol, got a few tests on the go for hazeman and now is the time for a new thread to be born lol, im testing his uk train, white cheddar and grape white stompers, the grape white stompers are seeds and the other 2 are cuts from the...
  10. half baked

    reputation points?

    ive just been looking at the things i can do on this site and found something about recieving reputation, what is this and how do give them out, any info is appreciated peace hb
  11. half baked

    half baked first journal!

    so farmers, the time has come to show you what im about, ive posted a couple of pics of things ive got goin at the minute but thought a journal would be best so here i go At the minute im only a couple of weeks in veg but the girls are coming along nicely and taking to the training very well...
  12. half baked

    need strain advise for outdoor uk grow!

    easi now farmers, im looking to have abit of fun this yr and try my hand with an outdoor project, nothing big just a couple of plants dotted round here and there, the 1 thing i cant choose is which strain i shud use, the weather where i am isnt the best lol, at hand i have, white fire(2...
  13. half baked

    my take on a verticle setup!!!

    easi now farmers, i'm a grower who's brain never stops, always lookin at ways to maximise yield from small closets/rooms etc without losing potency this design im thinking about atm has so much potential but lots of factors go into the design, strain being the most important! the area in...
  14. half baked

    easi now farmers!

    easi now farmers, from what i see this is the place to be and am so glad to have joined:) im currently running 4 strains from this site white fire (2 phenos) white bubba strawberry white and a tahoe og kush and cant wait to see what other genetics become available for us boys in the uk...