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    Epsom Salts In Uc

    I typically add Epsom Salt at 1g/gal, I add it last as it does inflate your PPM, but not in a way that you will burn your plants if you add it last and you track your PPM on your normal feeding schedule.
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    I have grown in MI in a commercial setting doing 14k over 6 plants. As I was building rooms that...

    I have grown in MI in a commercial setting doing 14k over 6 plants. As I was building rooms that were 6 veg/6 flower because of the 12plants per locked location. I vegged on average 8 weeks in 13g RDWC, and moved to 35g RDWC and was pulling 3-5 lbs depending on the strain. But my 14k for the 6...
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    Rick Simpsons healing oil, make the medicine!

    Why would you want to use ISO over Ethanol? I've been making oil with 99.9% Ethanol for awhile and haven't had any issues with taste, effect, or anything.
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    15K 16 site 32 gallon Monster !!!!

    In my 6 site UC PRO (35g) setup I have 14k vert/horiz bulbs and 70" Centers is what we had to go with and even then you have to make sure they do not over grow into each other. I would consider doing 65" at a minimum.
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    I have ran several different strains in the UC, and like others have already said, I have yet to find something that it can not accomidate. Depending on what your market is you are growing for, figure out what strains in your area patients or people want. At this stage of the game, I can't...
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    My vertical 16 plant 16 k UnderCurrent design !

    We run 65" centers and after this run we will be moving them out to 70 or 75". We are running UC Pro 35 gallons modules. You will get more bang for your buck if you do 1 horiz bulb per site as well. Just something to think about.
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    Mixing nutes

    I only mix nutes in my Top Off tank. When its a new week and the additives change. I drain out any excess water/nutes usually its empty or maybe a few gallons. I rinse out my topoff tank, then I fill around 100g of 0 ppm RO water. Here is the order of what I use. 100g Top Off 800+ GPH...
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    Is this cool?

    I use tap water, h2o2, and clonex in my aerocloner and I have never had an issue and always root 100%. I run several UC systems, no use in flaming anyone that doesn't have experience with them. Because clearly everything different is worse then what you know. Anyways on the UC side of...
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    How To Properly Root And Veg In The Uc

    67-68 water temps will never do you wrong.
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    CO2 Burner and Light Pollution at night?

    The rule of thumb I always have used was if its brighter then Moonlight, then you need to fix it.
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    From EZ Cloner to UC?

    Have you ever had issues with the stem rotting at the bottom if you cut a hole, and push the roots all the way through the hole?
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    I pull 1.5 lbs per 1kw with the UC

    Having multiple UCs running in different locations, all of our runs have been successful, and always 1.5 or better. UC is not for the feint of heart, it is not the easiest, or most predictive method in growing. If you are looking for a high tech solution, that you will have to constantly...
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    Marijuana Alternative Products

    Move to Michigan :)
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    Return lines??

    I've personally replaced all of the flex hose with 3/4" PVC and a disconnect union. The pump can sometimes with air close the flex hose.
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    I'm not moving any meds

    I dont know where you are going to get your meds, but our group provides very top shelf stuff on the west side of the state. There isn't alot of good stuff on this side, but I know our group and a few others are tearing it up.
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    UC buyers

    We have a store in Michigan that can order you one.
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    UC - dbxl13 x 24 site - Temperatures throughout system issue

    What we found was best was to get rid of all of the poly hose, and run PVC, just use a union that has a disconnect. We have zero flow issues now, the poly hose has been the biggest challenge. Also watch for hydroton getting stuck in the inline filter.
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    Top off res / RO holding

    I have a meter in both, when I mix the nutes I set my ph to 5.6 and let it swing in the UC until I refill my topoff. It usually will swing between 5.8 and 6.3 in the UC depending on how hungry they get
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    Post UC Questions and Concerns Here

    Can you post a picture of the "Smart Hoodie"
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    Top off res / RO holding

    The issue with that is you are topping off with concentrated nutes, then you are dilluting your top off over time. I don't think that is really what you want to do. Here is exactly how I have my rooms setup. I have 1 tank that is RO water only, that is fed from the RO system with a float...