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    No male flowers

    My blue dreams did that this last run, so i blundered upon my own fem blue drrams, and i never let anyone know so they got mixed in with everything else lol, so its still a guessing game. Im just thankful that BD is a pretty recognizable strain. Could you maybe start a new thred, or even on this...
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    No male flowers

    longer flower time for these new strains? Also, what he said ^. Although i am not sure about for your purpose how well it would work
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    No male flowers

    Iv'e never done it before, so I can only offer hearsay that should be taken with a grain of salt but i have heard from others and on forums that the silver doesnt always take, there is another method that I hear is better, but the name escapes me. Also just speculation but could your strain just...
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    Not the end just a question.

    I got the same thing going on with a few plants, ph might be too high causing cal mag to have issues G mg
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    Mars Hydro Giveaway Time: Come and Win New TS or SP Grow Kit

    I want Mars Hydro TSW2000/SP250, coz... I am just getting back up and running after a 8 year hiatus and I dont know who has the best equipment these days, since led and cob came out
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    Reptisafe dechlorinator?

    So I have tap water that not only comes out above 8 PH but also has high levels of chlorine and chloriminates(sp?) My friend said he uses this and it hasnt been detrimental, says it has electrolytes and shit too. Having a plant or two I need to address this with, I wanted to give it a shot, but...
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    Move OD and they take a turn for the worst

    Few hours a day for the first week, increasing the sun time daily by an hour or two or placing in a shady area that doesn't get much sunlight for the first week is what he means by hardening. Sorry about your misfortunes brother.
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    When the going gets sticky, not in a good way,

    What kind of dehumidifiers are preferable for a 10×10 room that stays at rh of 65 to 73ish and I feel this isn't going to change soo enough. Favorite dehumidifiers anyone?
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    I am letting them grow, its 2nd week of flower they got months, how did you even infer that? SMh
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    I am also aware the my room is dirty, I have been out of town two weekends this month and harvesting a full vegetable garden, dehydration most but making chilis and sauces as well, so she needs some TLC
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    My gggggirls 14 days in flower got 7 straw kush, 2 stinkyLarry, 2 blue dream and the rest are aks, the tiny ones are seeds, 3 blood orange and 2. Kough drop from crickets and Duke diamond. All diff veg times clearly just brought the smells up today, so should be seeing signs by friday or saturday
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    Odd strain.. what is it??

    genetic defects maybe, idk im stumped
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    Odd strain.. what is it??

    are you feeding it veg nutes? If not that is fuckin strange. Never seen anything grow like that
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    First time, 8 days

    be careful with that UV, less is more from what I read. Heard horror stories of whole crops dying due to over exposure. You gotta harden them off for a week or so, and never use more than 2 hours. This is all hearsay, but its always better to err on the side of caution
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    First time, 8 days

    I am just superstitious, but unless I were breeding, I would refer to to "her" rather than "he" lol. No science here, but dont you put that evil on me ricky bobby
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    The most powerful extraction

    While I cannot give you a straight answer for your question, I can tell you that something can only saturate as much as it can saturate, so in theory, if you have an oil already infused, if it hasnt reached its saturation point, then you could make it more potent, but if it has already reached...
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    When are the trichromes ideal for bubble hash?

    I thought that might be the case, but the extent of my experience has been limited to veg-harvest, but nothing before or after due to basically being a "hill sitter" for many many years, or on the other end of the spectrum, just showing up and running bags for, what back in my day was a 50-50...
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    When are the trichromes ideal for bubble hash?

    I have been looking around and have been unable to find any information on when the optimum time for harvesting if you intend to make bubble hash out of the sugar leaf and smaller buds? Let me also state that i have been using bubble bags or payloads for a decade, so I do not need tips or...
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    Trichromes 30% Amber but Lots of White Pistils

    pistols can remain all white in some strains until they start to die, had this happen with some haze crosses that were white/pink tips all the way till the day they were cut. Go by the trichromes
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    Hello everyone! Greetings from southern ON.

    nice tree farm buddy, looks real nice