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    Whats your favorite Strain to grow?

    Mine would be Island Sweet Skunk Great strain for first time growers. Super forgiving. Easy easy. Easy to grow. Love the smell of both flower and burning (Sweet Orange and heavy incense) think old Acid cigars. Buds dripping wet with resin. Sativa structure (thin leaf) but indica flowering time...
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    Old LED light-- Good for anything?

    @Aquaman. Check out this light Looks like 6-300mah drivers and 2 power supplies for 8
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    DIY Laminar Hood for TC

    So I want to build an inexpensive hood for tissue culture. The only new item I will purchase is the hepa filter. Hoping to get a 10W UV light gifted. I have an old swamper with a squirrel cage blower ( just needs a strip, refinish and tune up) Once I have that out and know the cfm I can order...
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    Ready to plant Sunday Dreamer Romulan/Chemo HeadCheese And one CarolinaCreeper
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    The Dank Chronicles . OG Raskal and more

    Baking beans From OG Raskal and more. PPP PK WW WW-MAX WHITE URKEL WHITE FIRE FIRE
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    Looking forward to this forum. -VonDank-