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    Darkroom II v (new) Growlab v Sunhut

    It seems that most people like the SJ's over the hydrohuts but some people folk on the farm like the sunhuts for their quality (thickness etc) Id assume that the DR II's destroy hydrohuts by an even greater degree but how do they compare to the sunhuts and new growlabs? they are all within...
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    Concern about some PNC clones

    i have read that, like many quality strains, aliendogs can be finicky, can hermi if not given what she wants
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    Darkroom II v (new) Growlab v Sunhut

    Some have said that the quality of the sunhuts were much better quality than the darkroom/growlab (old style) tents. Not sure how the darkroom II's and the new growlabs stack up ebb what makes you pick the darkrooms?
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    Darkroom II v (new) Growlab v Sunhut

    Of the newest styled tents, which is the best? Their prices all run within 10 dollars of each other on which is the better overall product? Do the new grow labs still have issues with the Velcro which also caused light leaks? Is the sun hut thicker than the Secret...