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    Zoolander seeds and genetics

    Talk to Logic and looks like we might be vending Zoolander gear soon so if anyone has pix or stories about my past gear please post pix of info on how you felt about your Zoo gear. I've never had one bad report so please post away
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    High my name is Zoolander been around a great while on the net helping thousands to do their thing as many of you know and also let you know Emerald Triangle is straight up selling you F2's of my hard work that they got ahold of so don't fall for it I have all the proof and also one of their...
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    Hey everyone Im back after awhile away and was just burnt out on the net thing and thought Id come back a bit fresher and chill:)
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    no clones from craigslist

    Two guys got busted by the man for selling clones on CL up in Santa Barbara so be carefull
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    C99 x Grape Romulan

    Some plants getting ready for clones and flower . This is Reefemans C99 and I crossed it to the Grape Romulan cut . Reefemans C99 produces some monster size sticky buds and the Grom cut is just insane so this should be one awesome cross
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    OGFire x Afghani Kush

    I Have a few up and here's one of them
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    Zoo's seeds for the bay

    I'll be sending in some packs of Reefermans c99 x Grape Romulan Reefermans Northern Lights x Chem D clone These will be small batches to see how they move and if the move well more will follow . All tested for germ and it's 100%
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    Freebie ?

    So I had 2 of Rez's Chemdog Double D outside and I took all of my males and shook them over these 2 insane sticky plants and with the history of the Chemdd spitting out nanners I want to know if you guys want to risk running these if I send them in ? These are the males I used . Herijuana x...
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    OG x OG

    Wondering if anyone has some info on these ? I think these came from Oregon Kid and I'm thinking of popping them for shits and giggles . I had a Lemon Thai cut from him and was by far at the top of strains I've ran and hope to get it back asap
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    To Hightimes

    I want to ask why would a picture of such poor quality like on the page 83 in the July issue get printed ? . No disrespect to the grower but your mag gets plenty of great phothos and you need to give new growers a proper guide on what to strive for in health and to try to achive the best they...
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    Happy Easter

    Not sure if everyone is hip to Easter but either way have a great one and stay safe , I know I'm a few hours fast but I'm not sure if I'll be on the site tomorrow:sun
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    Tourettes Guy
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    Zoo's Bubbashine x SR71 Purple Kush

    I just wanted to let ya guys know I'm gonna send in 4 packs of these for Logic to sell and they will be Buy Now at $60 or $65 . I know Logic has some cost around here and thought I'd donate these to the Cause . I put 13 seeds per pack and I've Germ tested this cross 3 different times with 100%...
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    Best size Screens

    I found a place on EBay with some nice aluminum screens in all different sizes for $19 and want to get the best 2 or 3 sizes.
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    More Acoustic music

    For some reason Hubcaps thread won't work for me so I thought I start a thread to go with his . Check out this bad ass version of Little Wing
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    ? About Lavender x SR71 PK

    I'm thinking about making this cross and wanted to get your thoughts on if it's something you would like in your gardens if ya had the chance to grow it ? Remember this is just a hobby of mine so it's all in good clean fun LOL
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    Question on Boost

    Ok so I'm at it again trying to find some products to test to compare to Canna Boost to help save myself and you Farmers some money so if ya got something that might blend with Canna let me know and I just might go by some and test it out here at the site for us all to try to save a buck:rock I...
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    Ok so I'm doing a bit of research and saw that SpaceQueen = Romulan x C99 so I'm thinkin why can't I cross a male C99 from Reeferman stock to my Grape Romulan cut and come up with something as killer ?
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    Chemo x Hashplant

    These came from Memys seeds and was wonder if anyone has grown it or seen it ? I got these about 4 years ago and it sounds like it could be pretty nice.
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    Herijuana x Lemon Thai

    Can we get some info on this one aswell Mota ?